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Lcd Dem (Typeset "Lucid Dream" with every other letter removed) is a fangame by Koronba (myspace twitter bandcamp ). It stars Chie (ちえ), a young girl in a small room. The final version was v.0.030. It has been confirmed that there will be no more updates, version 0.030 is the final version.

Strange End

In April 2013, the game's creator posted a bizarre message on the official site asking fans to forget about LcdDem and to remove any content that is related to it. They asked not to share it or even speak of it. It is not known why they chose to do this. It has been speculated that the game reminds them of something they would like to forget. (The official site has been closed but you can see the message they left behind here).


You play as Chie who explores her dreams to collect effects and orbs, the latter of which are required to end the game. You save via a blue notebook and enter the dream world through Chie's bed, much like in Yume Nikki. There is a notable feature different from other fangames is after Chie pinches her cheek to leave from her dream, in the real world Chie does not leave from her bed and the countdown starts again. You have to press the Z key to leave from her bed.

The game receives praise for its musical score.

Another notable feature is the variation of in-game sprites of Chie about sitting and climbing have been designed for all effects (except a few cases in which she is not allowed to do so), where in most fangames you have to unequip the effect when the protagonist takes the same action, as well as Yume Nikki.


Chie seems to have locked herself in her room to forget a dramatic event and uses lucid dreaming as a way of escape from this event. Her dreams are rather calm and soothing compared to most other dreamers, and she has no chasers in her dreams at all, and the weapon effect is not required to finish the game either. Chie herself can be depicted as an innocent young girl, along with how her effects become craft materials in the real world.


Lcd Dem is one of the few games where it is not required to collect all the effects to unlock the ending.

Something unique to Lcd Dem is that in the real world, all effect names are actually craft materials, for example the Sneakers effect is actually a light-blue colored pencil.

Name Image Description
Sneakers (スニーカー) LcddemEff01 Chie wears blue sneakers that increase her speed and allows to leap through gap. Pressing SHIFT makes her hop.
Dog (いぬ) LcddemEff02 Chie grows dog ears and a tail. Pressing SHIFT turns her into a small dog, which allows to enter small entrances and leap through gap.
Pajamas (ねまき) LcddemEff03 Chie wears pink pajamas. Pressing SHIFT warps her back to the nexus.
Yukata (ゆかた) LcddemEff07 Chie wears a cute yukata. Pressing SHIFT changes the design.
Moon (つき) LcddemEff04 Chie's head becomes a bright moon that lights dark areas. Pressing SHIFT switches the moon to its dark side.
Potted Plant (はちうえ) LcddemEff05 Chie becomes a walking potted plant with an orange flower. Pressing SHIFT makes the flower bloom.
Goldfish Bowl (きんぎょばち) LcddemEff06 Chie becomes a walking goldfish bowl complete with a green fish inside. Pressing SHIFT makes the fish flip in the air.
Spacesuit (うちゅうふく) LcddemEff08 Chie wears a spacesuit. Pressing SHIFT makes her remove the headpiece for a second.
Helmet (ヘルメット) LcddemEff09 Chie wears a helmet. Pressing SHIFT turns it into a biker's helmet.
Strawberry (いちご) LcddemEff10 Chie's head becomes a strawberry. Pressing SHIFT makes her head leap a little to separate from her body.
Axe (おの) LcddemEff11 Chie carries an axe with her. Allows her to kill NPCs.
Parka (パーカー) LcddemEff13 Chie wears a green parka that has been said to be a possible reference to Chie Satonaka from the game Persona 4. Pressing SHIFT raises or lowers her hood.
Sea Slug (ウミウシ) LcddemEff12 Chie's head becomes a sea slug that makes for faster travel in water. Pressing SHIFT makes a swallowing action.

For more information on LcdDem's effects and where to find them, please see LcdDem's Wiki.

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Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.030 Japanese (Reupload)


Version Announcement Download Note
Ver.0.030 English

Gameplay Video (Version 0.030 English Translation)

LcdDem -- v.004:29

LcdDem -- v.0.030 English Translation

Gameplay of the English Translation of LcdDem (Version 0.030)

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