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August 12, 2011


SakuraSprite Sakura (さくら)

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Lost†Game is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Atami (熱海), the creator of M∞N, *Illness*, Musou Yuugi and Made In Nightmare.

In this game, you play as a girl named Sakura (さくら) and explore a dark world fraught with traps and other certain peril. Unlike other games, there is danger as you can be killed and have to start the game from the title.

As the game is made with Wolf RPG, there are no dependencies required for the game to be played.


Unlike most Yume Nikki fangames, you find that Sakura is already dreaming. Upon exiting the bared area, you go directly to the nexus. After you collect an effect it later appears in the nexus.

Another thing that separates it from most is the inclusion of (a little amount) dialogue and being one of the very few games where you can get a "Game Over" if you are caught by a chaser. Being one of the few games where you can save from the menu at any time, this isn't much of a problem.


Sakura is constantly dreaming it seems like, and there are many strange and odd creatures in her dreams. Additionally, the chasers are known as death gods, and can actually kill Sakura. In order to reach the ending, you will need to gather all 13 effects and place them into the black coffins in the room where you begin the game in.

Symbols (Effects)Edit

Name Image Description
Ferret (フェレット) LostEff05 Sakura wears a ferret costume that increases her speed.
Golfclub/Metal Pole (きんぞく) LostEff06 Sakura's weapon. Can be used to kill NPCs, and also to break open certain doors.
Marmot (モルモット) LostEff07 Sakura's head becomes a marmot's. Pressing SHIFT transforms Sakura into an actual marmot that is small enough to fit through tiny holes/gaps and access new areas.
Headband (カチューシャ) LostEff08 Sakura wears a salmon-pink and yellow cat ears headband. Pressing SHIFT makes her wiggle her hips and put her hands up like cat paws; additionally, it attracts NPCs to her, and can move them out of the way, or make certain NPCs act differently. You get this effect by buying it for 1500¥ from a certain NPC.
Bat (こうもり) LostEff03 Sakura wears a gothic dark blue outfit with wings that allow her to fly and see in dark location without any light.
Swan (はくちょう) LostEff02 Sakura wears a white swan outfit with a swan's head in the front of the skirt and wings on her back.
Mourning Clothes / Mofuku (もふく) LostEff12 Sakura wears a gothic outfit with a black skull on her head. Pressing SHIFT makes her transparent and invisible to chasers, but not invulnerable.
Nurse (ナース) LostEff11 Sakura wears a pink nurse uniform with a cap. Her hair is tied in a side braid which is held with a ribbon.
Wheelchair (くるまいす) LostEff04 Sakura rides a blue wheelchair.
Panda/Black and White (しろくろ) LostEff09 Sakura's hair becomes white and she wears it in a braid tied with a green ribbon and grows panda ears. She wears a black top and a white skirt. Pressing SHIFT turns her into a monochrome version of her normal sprite.
Mermaid/Scales (うろこ) LostEff01 Sakura becomes a mermaid.
Albino/Rabbit (アルビノ) LostEff10 Sakura has white rabbit ears, red eyes and white hair. She wears a black and red gothic dress. Pressing Shift makes her hop up and make the same sound the catball NPCs do when they jump.
Joker (ジョーカー) LostEff13 Sakura wears a red and blue jester/joker's outfit.

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Version Date Announcement Download
N/A (Completed) August 12, 2011 Pixiv Japanese


Version Announcement Download Note
N/A (Completed) Page Chinese Translated by 飛揚寒星 (fcoldstar),
approved by Atami

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