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Creepy Sakura in Pyramid

Messages of Sakura in PyramidEdit

By collecting every symbols, a visually creepy Sakura will be added in Pyramid of Dessert World. Contact to them will receive messages which related to the truth of circumstances of beginning.

Highlight to view at your own risk.

  1. [I was thinking. Why I am still alive.]
  2. [I have no more interest to live. I tend to commit die.]
  3. [I thought I would like to end my life by myself.]
  4. [I would like to find somewhere for die, so I took a bus.]
  5. [I have thinking. Choosing to die by myself. Am I seem strange?]
  6. [How do other people could have a same thinking as me?]
  7. [Suddenly, I feel that. A little girl sat next to me.]
  8. [From when, the girl which as white as a rabbit, appear here?]
  9. [The girl smiles to me. Blinking her bloody red eyes.]
  10. [I feel that. The bus accelerates on down slope. In front of the road is a guardrail.]
  11. [The Driver shouts. Brake faults. Bus keeps speed up.]
  12. [Floating. In the bus that falling from cliff, I was scared to death.]
  13. [I awakens. There's 12 coffins around. The corpse of passengers are inside. A monochrome room. I don't have a feeling of live. Where's there?]

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