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August 5, 2010


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M∞N or MooN is a rather obscure fangame made in WOLF RPG Editor made by Atami (熱海) (the creator of *Illness*, Lost † Game, Musou Yuugi (夢想遊戯) and Made In Nightmare). It stars Tsumiki (つみき)


M∞N plays like most Yume Nikki fangames, focusing on exploration and collecting effects. M∞N is a bit different than most games, one of the few allowing effects to be used in the real world and dream world.

Tsumiki saves at the bed, and enters the dream world from interacting with objects under a desk. If you want to remove an effect, you need to pick up the doll that looks like Tsumiki, and select the Tsumiki (つみき) option from the effect menu.


M∞N is be known for including many parodies, similar to *Illness*. The games also have been said to be parodies. For example, it features depictions of famous art and makes references to different media, like anime, games and movies.

According to the creator, the room where the game starts is a spaceship.


Name Image Description
Jack-o'-lantern (ジャックランタン) MoonEff13 Tsumiki wears something red that resembles a Jack-o'-lantern but with cat ears over her head.
Tsumiki (つみき) TsumikiSprite1 Tsumiki returns to her normal self. It disables any effect in use. You gain it in Tsumiki's room like an effect, at the very beginning, but it isn't really an effect.
Carpet (じゅうたん) MoonEff04 Tsumiki rides a flying carpet.
Monkey Wrench (モンキーレンチ) MoonEff08 Tsumiki holds a pair of monkey wrenches. This is one of the weapon effects that let you kill other NPC's.
Viper (まむし) MoonEff14 Tsumiki turns into a viper which makes her move significantly faster.
Drill Hair (ドリルヘアー) MoonEff09 Tsumiki's hair gains a weird shape. This is one of the weapon effects that let you kill other NPC's.
Pickaxe (つるはし) MoonEff02 Tsumiki wears a yellow working helmet and holds a pickaxe. This is one of the weapon effects that let you kill other NPC's.
Kamaitachi (かまいたち) MoonEff07 Tsumiki turns into a Kamaitachi, (lit. "Cut caused by whirlwind") a yokai. This is one of the weapon effects that let you kill other NPC's. It also significantly boosts your speed.
Odd Eyes (オッドアイ) MoonEff10 Tsumiki has heterochromia - her eyes are in different colors; her right eye is yellow, her left eye is blue. She also has short white hair and cat ears.
Clione/Sea Slug (クリオネ) MoonEff01 Tsumiki turns into a blue Clione (sea slug).
Love Smooch/Love Hamster (ラブチュウ) MoonEff03 Tsumiki becomes a red creature with heart-shaped ears and tail. It can kill Pikachu NPC's that block your way, just interact with one while this effect is equipped to get rid of it permanently.
Hockey Mask (ホッケーマスク) MoonEff20 Tsumiki wears Jason Voorheeses hockey mask from Friday the 13th film franchise and holds a pair of red hockey sticks.
Mop (デッキブラシ) MoonEff19 Tsumiki rides a floating floor mop.
Clownfish (カクレクマノミ) MoonEff15 Tsumiki's hair is reddish pink, she wears it in odango (round buns) hairstyle. The rest of her body resembles a clownfish.
Firefly (ホタル) MoonEff06 Tsumiki has yellow hair which resembles a firefly's light. It turns on and off while she walks.
Reversi/Othello (オセロ) MoonEff05 A Reversi-themed black and white effect.
Leopard (ひょうがら) MoonEff17 Tsumiki wears a leopard costume.
Apple (りんご) MoonEff18 Tsumiki's head is replaced with a red apple. Pressing Shift warps her back to the nexus.
Marimo/Spherical Moss (まりも) MoonEff12 Tsumiki's hair and outfit are green and designed in a way to resemble Marimo (spherical moss).
Twins (ふたご) MoonEff11 Tsumiki turns into two small, identical version of herself. Their walking is synchronized.
Lop-Eared (ロップイヤー) MoonEff16 Tsumiki is pink and has lop-eared rabbit's ears.

Download/External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.01 August 5, 2010 Japanese

Uboachan Thread

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