Official art of Mai. Source

A common name for both westerners and Japanese (?)


15 and 19 (in different parts of the game)








A dark wine-colored overall dress with a teal shirt underneath.


Mai is the protagonist of the fangame Time Traveler. Her full name is Mai Mizuno.


Mai has short black hair with two teal hairclips/ribbons in it. She wears a dark wine-colored overall dress with a teal shirt underneath.


Mai's old sprite.


For some reason Mai lost a very important memory. At the beginning you dream about things in her daily life. During the game you start to find things that made an incredible impression on her.

She is first a 19 years old girl. Then you go back four years in time, Mai is an 15 years old girl again. She is a cold and serious girl, she lives in a almost fantastic world. Unlike ordinary people, she can see ghosts, spirits and travel through other worlds (parallel worlds or nexus doors).

As long as you play she discovers more things about her, the boy she likes, people perhaps around and closer to her, etc. You don't only play as Mai, but also as her dead brother, Kazuki, he got a small history which is also a bit about Mai. You can get two endings, a happy ending and another one. Both could be real or not.



Mai, 19 years old

Mai lost an important memory and you find it through her dreams.

At the beginning of the game you gain brief control of Mai, a 19 years old miko (shrine maiden), who lives inside a shrine of sorts. It's raining outside, that's the reason she found herself walking around... She keeps walking, searching for something, then she sees a bloody face in a mirror. And just like that, it disappears. After that she sees herself somewhere in a flashback.

After she thought about it and about what could it mean, she locked herself up in a room, then began some kind of ritual. She somehow gets a way to go back to the past to see where that place is and what it means. While sleeping (using the usual Yume Nikki method) you collect effects and memories. But there's something more deep inside those dreams for you to find.

Then the game begins.

As the game flows you get to know more about her daily life, almost everything you see in the dream world is about her real life.

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