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Again, Sometime.

Mata, Itsuka. (また、いつか。)

Title Screen
Latest Version

3 (2017/5/5)







Release Date

March 27, 2014


MataProtag Katsuki (克樹), Shun (峻)

Nexus Doors

Katsuki - 4
Shun - 4


Katsuki - 12+1
Shun - 12+1


Katsuki - 2
Shun - 2


Mata, Itsuka. (また、いつか。 ; Lit. Again, Sometime. ) is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Mpiku, who also created Uotamuosu (ウオタムオス), Sity and Yume Gatari (夢語り). The main characters of the game are Katsuki (克樹) and Shun (峻).


The objective of this game is to explore Katsuki & Shun's dreams and collect effects in them in order to achieve an ending. Enter Katsuki or Shun's dreams by sleeping in their bed, and save your game by interacting with their desks. To switch between the protagonists, interact with the telephone in their rooms when they are awake. Press 5 to dispose an effect at the nexus like in Yume Nikki.


It is unclear what is the relation between Katsuki and Shun. Judging by the title, "Again, sometime", it could be that they were separated once, and they wish to meet again sometime. Both Katsuki and Shun refuse to leave their room/apartment. Both of them explore their dreams, are male, have short black hair, and are sentimental.

They could be brothers, judging by their appearance. They could be (childhood) friends who were set apart by life circumstances. That could be implied by the fact that you switch between them using the similar telephones in each of their rooms, also hinting us that they are now connected by phone calls.

Judging by their similar appearance and that they are sharing the same mood status - sentimental, they even could be the same person. He can either be one who decided to change his name when he grew up, or one that has split personalities named Katsuki and Shun.



Name Image Description
Mountain Bike (マウンテンバイク) KatsukiEff01 Katsuki rides a green mountain bicycle that increases his speed. Press Shift makes him ride faster.
Frying Pan (フライパン) KatsukiEff02 Katsuki holds a frying pan he uses as his weapon.
Straw Hat and Butterfly Net (麦藁帽子と虫取り) KatsukiEff03 Katsuki wears a straw hat and has a butterfly net.
Megaphone (メガホン) KatsukiEff04 Katsuki has a megaphone. Press Shift to make him scream into it and bring him back to the Nexus.
High-school Student (高校生) KatsukiEff05 Katsuki appears to be older. Press Shift makes him to have a post.
Bug Cage (虫かご) KatsukiEff06 Katsuki carries a bug cage.
Headsets (ヘッドセット) KatsukiEff07 Katsuki wears a pair of headsets. Press Shift plays some sound.
Graduate Student (そつぎょうせい) KatsukiEff08 Katsuki wears like a graduate student.
Pajama (パジャマ) KatsukiEff09 Katsuki wears a pajama.
Crew (のりくみいん) KatsukiEff10 Katsuki wears a crew uniform. Press Shift makes him to salute.
Shooting Star (シューティングスター) KatsukiEff11 Katsuki grabs a green star that increasese his speed.
Hand Clap (ハンドクラップ) KatsukiEff12 Katsuki has a hand clap post. Press Shift to make him clap hands.
Dog Tag (ドッグタグ) KatsukiEff13 Katsuki wears dog tag. Pressing Shift causes him to look at the tag.


Name Image Description
Auto Bike (オートバイ)
Shun rides a motorcycle that increases his speed. Press Shift makes him wear a helmet and ride faster.
Middle-school Student (小学生)
Shun appears to be younger.
Bass (ベース)
Shun holds a bass guitar. Press Shift makes him play the guitar.
Sign Stand (立て看板)
Shun carries a sign stand as a weapon.
Mic (マイク)
Shun holds a microphone. Press Shift to make him scream into it and bring him back to the Nexus.
Leaf (葉)
Shun's head becomes a leaf.
Wristband (リストバンド)
Shun wears wristbands.
Light Wings (光翼)
Shun has a pair of colorful wings. Press Shift to make him float on the air.
White Shirt & Necktie (ワイシャツとネクタイ)
Shun wears white shirt & necktie.
Battle Suits (戦闘服)
Shun wears battle suits. Press Shift makes him to salute.
Ninja Suits (忍装束)
Shun wears ninja suits.
Aster (紫苑)
Shun's head becomes an aster.
Dog Tag (ドッグタグ)
Shun wears dog tag. Pressing Shift causes him to look at the tag.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.3 May 5, 2017 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.2 August 15, 2015 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.1 December 21, 2014 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0 March 27, 2014 Pixiv Japanese

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