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RPG Maker 2003, RPG Maker VX Ace

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September 18, 2011


Me Me

Nexus Doors

6 (7 via random event) [Remake]

4 (5 via random event) [Original]


11 [Remake] 6 [Original]


4 [Remake] 3 [Original]


Me, め, or 目 (lit.eye, sprout, or bud) -- as in the phonic syllable, not the pronoun -- is a game originally made in RPG Maker 2003 (Remade in RPG VX Ace) about a girl who shares the same name as the game's title. Made by Isasapiens, the game consists of the eponymous Me possibly going inside her mind, or "dreaming," by the use of the stereo system in her room.

The atmosphere is similar to .flow's, with dark and often visceral imagery, though it seems to also have a penchant for surreal imagery too. Me draws a lot of its inspiration from both Yume 2kki and Hallucigenia, as well as some other places with somewhat similarly styled areas to the originals. As one would have guessed, Me also frequently features imagery involving eyes, with sprouts sometimes showing up from time to time in certain areas of the game.


Me's style of gameplay resembles both Lcd Dem and .flow.

The objective of the game is to gather all the orbs and Effects. The few Effects that are in the game are used to help the player find the orbs. You must collect all 30 orbs (Current version) in order to receive one of the game's four endings.

The latest versions have wallpapers and background music to collect on Me's computer, as well as e-mails when you collect orbs.

Me is vast and dense, with many events packed into an enormous dream world.

For help on Orb and Effects locations, please see our Walkthrough page for Me.


There is little to none, though some events at the game may or may not give hints about Me's previous whereabouts.

Effects and ItemsEdit

There are 11 Effects found in the game. Their abilities can be used with the action key, Shift. Contrary to most fangames and the original Yume Nikki itself, all of the effects found in Me have a purpose and can be used frequently.


Name Image Description
Eye Fruit
Replaces Me's head with a dark red fruit-like eye. Pressing Shift makes the fruit open its eye and teleport Me back to the Nexus.
Makes Me hold a eraser that serves as her weapon. Interacting with NPC's will usually make them scream (or emit a noise) and disappear. Some NPCs permanently change once you interact with them. Her expression changes to grumpy/determined. The eraser also scares most NPCs away from Me. Some NPC's even become chasers when you have the eraser equiped.
Doubles Me's speed. She flies above the ground and seems happy.
Scares Terus away and makes Me look like a blue-haired monster with five red eyes. Pressing Shift makes Me look up and jump. This Effect can change the environment around her, allowing entrances to appear that lead to other areas.
Me becomes a monochrome monster. Pressing Shift inverts Me's colors. In this mode, she can scare Terus away and kill them by interacting with them. The Mask's description says "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," which could be a reference to Yume Nikki's Uboa, who looks a lot like the Effect and that it's location you find it in seems to be a parody of Poniko's house.
Color Wheel
Me has a color spectrum wheel on her back. She is smiling and her hair is tied in a side ponytail. Pressing Shift inverts Me's colors and makes her face blank. This Effect can be used to trigger certain events with NPCs.

Unique to the RemakeEdit

Name Image Description
Makes Me's hair red and a magnet appears on her head. Pressing Shift attracts most NPCs and metal objects. This Effect seems to reference Magnetman from the Megaman series.


Me has a cloud for a body and two different smiling heads, which glow in turns when Shift is pressed. When a head is glowing, it either rains or snows, depending on which head is glowing.
Changes Me's body, hair and dress colors. Her hairstyle covers up most of her face. Pressing Shift makes the bangs go up to reveal a hole in Me's face and makes her vomit blood.
Me becomes a small orb fairy. In this form, she can pass through certain small passages. Pressing Shift makes her change color.
Added in v0.05. It lets you pass through walls that have a mark on them that look like a circle with a X across it. Pressing Shift makes her look around.

Effect MixesEdit

Name Image Description

Eye Fruit + Wings turns Me into a wheel within a wheel which has wings and is full of eyes. It still has the Wings Effect's speed boost. Pressing Shift makes the wheels spin and brings you back to the Nexus.


Eye Fruit + Distort turns Me into a weird white monster with bleeding eyes. Pressing Shift makes Me wave towards the screen.


Distort + Color Wheel makes Me a rainbow-colored semi-transparent silhouette. Pressing Shift makes her distort and play a noise sound.


Weather + Color Wheel changes Me into a rainbow with an eye. Pressing Shift changes the rainbow's colors.


Weather + Wings turns Me into a tornado with wings and multiple eyes. It still has the Wings Effect's speed boost. Pressing Shift makes the tornado spin.


Weather + Mask turns Me into a umbrella, which spins if Shift is pressed. It references Yume Nikki's Umbrella Effect.

Tartarian Aster
Orb + Eye Fruit turns Me into a flower that opens or closes when Shift is pressed.

Orb + Orifice turns Me into a small pyramid fairy. Pressing Shift makes a note over Me and a random sound is played.


Crying Condemned

Spirit + Orifice turns Me into an alternate spirit, with high heels, tattered clothes and a rope hanging down her neck. Pressing Shift makes her tear up a little.
Spirit + Color Wheel turns Me into a Spirit that runs through the Median filter. Pressing Shift makes her look around.

Items (as of Version 0.05)Edit

Lollipop: found in the MOTHER 3 Area with the mailboxes. Interacting with it will cause Me to place it in her inventory. You can give it to a Charlotte look-a-like in one of the mailboxes.

Box: found in the Igloo World and used to obtain the Distort Effect. It's a blue block that moves around until you pick it up.

Key: obtained by the red-haired clerk in the Purple City after you give it the Box. Use it to unlock a previously restricted building in the city that will give you the Distort Effect.

Downloads/External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Version 0.05 ~ ~ Download

Download for Mac OS X

Gameplay VideosEdit

Let's play yume nikki fangame-Me(VX version 0.03) ep25:23

Let's play yume nikki fangame-Me(VX version 0.03) ep.1

Gameplay of the remake.

Yume Nikki fangames- Me14:35

Yume Nikki fangames- Me

Gameplay of Me (Version 0.10 of the rm2000 version)

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