Me (め/目)
In-game portrait of me with no effects

Me (め/目) can be translated as "eye", "sight", "experience", "viewpoint", "stitch", "somewhat". If written as 芽 it becomes sprout.


Unknown, possibly 15-18 at bare minimum




Light blue / off-white blue


Unknown, sometimes depicted as bright red in fanart.


Black with a red eye on it.


Me (め; eye) is the main character of Me.

She uses her stereo system to "dream". Unlike most Yume Nikki fangames protagonists, Me has more than one room (+balcony) in her apartment (in the remake). Aside from her bedroom and balcony, she also has a bathroom and a kitchen.


Me has short light blue hair with blunt bangs covering her eyes completely. It is kept in a round bob cut. She wears a black dress with a red eye, possibly making a pun on her name, and white-grey shoes.

It is unknown what eye color she has, although one picture on the official ask tumblr shows her with what seems to be red eyes. Also, some effects (Distort, for example) have red eyes, though this is mostly speculation. It is common on fanart to decipt her as one-eyed or missing an eye by an accident.

A thing to note is that the eye on her shirt appears frequently in-game, either in background or as a graffiti or object.


Me speaks very little in the game, mostly to make a point or describe something. M-256's artworks of her frequently display her smiling. Though it has to be noted that the smile she wears is not necessarily happy or friendly.

In her official ask blog Me displays signs of affection to Yuukoto, seems to be in somewhat bad terms with Thomas, seems to try enduring her insanity and refrains from doing things. She is also shown to have a high tolerance towards blood and gore, she seems to be used to it.

At her mind world, she seems to go at areas that resemble either parts of herself, memories of her past and other things. Most of the starting worlds are somewhat light or relaxing, and then everything goes worse.

There are many motifs about body horror, eyes and sometimes plants in Me.

Another interesting thing is that Me probably isn't her real name.


Almost unknown. Some areas and characters may or may not give hints at her upbringing, or why she locked herself in.

Other Game Appearances and ReferencesEdit

Name Image Description
AkumaRef Me
A painting with Me's shirt pattern can be found in the Mansion.
Dream vs Dream
Tumblr inline ml2abvLQi71qz4rgp
It is speculated that Me will be one of the future playable characters. User isasapiensworks on tumblr has been spriting and animating her character. It has not been officially announced.
A capsule with Me's outfit colors can be found at the Fangame Reference Room.
Yume Fumi
A diamond with Me shirt pattern can be found at Fangame Reference Room

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