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  • So, I've decided to write to you here after all. At the moment I am more used to Wikia's text fields than Gmail's. I hope you don't mind that I chose Wikia to contact you, and I am sorry for the big delay between the messages.

    Anyway, let's get down to business. Here is my partial bug report. I'm not sure if all of them are bugs, though. Please excuse me if I find an "Easter egg" or intentional bugs instead of real ones. Also, I'm sorry for making ugly markings on screenshots from your game to highlight places with issues.

    1. Invisible squares/walls. I found about 4 invisible pairs or squares that just don't let you step on them, despite looking like a part of the floor. There are possibly more similar squares in the same location(s).

    2. Typos and Grammar.

    3. Grammar - You often use the preposition "on"/"at" instead of "in". Examples:

    4. Misc.

    Capture 044 25012014 014226

    A white stripe on the left bottom picture

    5. Suggestions. I have an idea for improvement. I find it very inconvenient that all of the wallpaper files look the same. It would be great if you either added a marking for "new" images (that haven't been opened yet) or thumbnails/descriptions that will be visible before the wallpaper file is opened.

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    • 1- Ah, and #1 is The Batter from OFF (Not a YN fangame) and #2 is Phillip from Space Funeral (also not a YN fangame)

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    • Thank you!!

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