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Soutarou is Possibly Wanting to Achieve a Goal, but is Feeling Restrained, Guilty, and Scared to TryEdit

This theory is mostly based on the Effects Soutarou uses.

If one uses dream language, the effects (can) relate to feeling restrained, guilty and scared. Some of the effects have a little positive meaning, such as trying to break free from those negative emotions. However, since Soutarou is still in a room and doesn't seem to attempt to be free from those items, it seems he is still struggling to release them. It also seems he is working hard, but he may be just deceiving himself.

As for the environment, it is possible Soutarou is dwelling on past things about the thing(s) that may has/have been hindering him.

Soutarou is Being Chased Down by the Police Edit

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