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RPG Maker 2003

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April 12, 2013


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Mimi is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Anonymous444 (RMN). This game focuses around Mimi, a young girl who has out-of-body experiences. The game is unique for it's 1bit monochrome graphics. This game has had no updates or news since April 26th, 2013, with the RMN page displaying a hiatus sign on the statistics. The creator last status was, "I'm not sure when i'll[sic] be able to update this game, but I hope to get around to it eventually. In the meantime, you can still explore the current version."


When you start the game, a short intro plays showing the game title. You are able to open Mimi's bedroom door and leave, but she will just return shortly after. When you interact with the bed on the right of the screen, Mimi will get into her bed and re-appear next to her sleeping body three seconds later. Interacting with the bed a second time will result in Mimi waking up and getting out of bed.

During this state of being "asleep", Mimi is able to travel outside her room. However, due to the lack of content at the time of release, the only area in the dream world is a blank room with the door back to Mimi's room and a wall connecting to the door. Rather than waking up, you are given the ability to recall, which merely returns you to your room, still outside of your body. This game lacks music, and only uses sound effects of the RPG Maker 2003 RTP.


"This game is about a girl named Mimi who has out of body experiences, and can explore the corporeal world at her leisure while completely invisible to corporeal entities. There are also astral/ethereal entities that Mimi can interact with. Most astral/ethereal entities are harmless, while other astral/ethereal entities cause Mimi to be shocked back into her body upon contact. There are things that Mimi can see and interact with, that are normally intangible/invisible to corporeal entities, while Mimi is having an out of body experience."

Despite this information given, no such entities were implemented through the cource of the game's development.

Source: Mimi's RMN page

The creator had already planned the ending to the game, surprising considering the state of development at the time.

"The ending is triggered by collecting all 24 "effects". After collecting all 24 "effects", return to Mimi's room to discover that Mimi's body is missing from her bed. It turns out that it was possessed by an astral/ethereal entity. After finding Mimi's body 4 times at specific locations, an event flag for the ending is triggered. The final location that you find Mimi's body is at a crossroad. Like the other 4 times, the entity possessing Mimi will attempt to flee in response to seeing Mimi. Unlike the other 4 times however, is that Mimi's body get's hit by a passing truck. Mimi's face will become completely blank, even in the menu screen, until you leave the area. Even after the ending, you can continue to play the game, and new effects will become available. However, going near the crossroad where Mimi's body was hit, or going into Mimi's room, causes Mimi's face to become completely blank again (until she leaves the area). "

Source: Mimi's RMN page

External Links/DownloadsEdit

Version Date Download
v. 0.0000002 April 26, 2013 English
v. 0.0000001 Unknown Missing
v. 0.0000000 April 24, 2013 English

RMN Page

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