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Mind Reader
Mind Reader's title screen
Latest Version

Test 1



Original Language



RPG Maker 2003

Original Date

August 2014 (?)


AppuruSprite Appuru

Nexus Doors







Mind Reader is a fangame made by Timbomaster111 in RPG Maker 2003. It was cancelled in a very early state. As a result, the graphics are minimalistic and rough. Despite that, the game has quite a lot of different and colorful worlds and NPC. Any effects have yet to be implemented, as the game was cancelled at its early testing stages.

The game folders and files are in a mess, mixed with RPG Maker original images with the same names. This prevents you from playing the game without changing the files' and folders' names first.

Gameplay & PlotEdit

You play as Appuru, a boy with yellow hair who cannot leave his room/house. Appuru travels in his bizarre, colorful dreams filled with ambiguous characters. His dream worlds vastly branch and have multiple rooms and areas to explore. The downsides are that there is little to no sound and background music. Also, sometimes it is hard to determine where are the doorways to other rooms or worlds are located, due to them having no markings or markings that blend in with the NPC, decorations and map.

Gameplay video Edit

Yume Nikki fangame-Gameplay video (by WavyUp)08:04

Yume Nikki fangame-Gameplay video (by WavyUp).test1-Reuploaded Preview

Gameplay video of an older version (by WavyUp)07:45

Gameplay video of an older version (by WavyUp).test 1 (Preview?)


Dead link.

Version Test 1

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