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Miserere (Latin for "have mercy") is a unique sci-fi Yume Nikki fangame by Owl . You play an unnamed main character (simply referred to as "main" in the asset files) who has been living in solitude for twelve years on a space station named "Harmony" towards the center of the universe. Originally having been thrilled by the prospect of such adventure, the protagonist has now grown weary of their isolation and finds solace only in the exploration of their lucid dreams. However, as of late it seems that their mental state is declining, and with it, the stability of the dream world.

Game MechanicsEdit

What sets this game apart from the original Yume Nikki and many of its fangames is the lack of effects, as the author's main intention is to stress the importance of exploration as the primary mode of gameplay, rather than the hide-and-seek approach other games may have taken. The exploration worlds as of the current version are fairly linear.

Another difference between Miserere and the original Yume Nikki is in aesthetic -- the former features a much more realistic art style and music with more character than the traditional atmospheric ambience.

Protagonist and BedroomEdit

The aforementioned protagonist has been thus-far unnamed and ambiguously gendered. They wear all black with green shoes and have mid-length, reddish-brown hair and eyes of the same shade. Contrary to the -tsuki characters from the original Yume Nikki and its close spiritual successors, the sprites of the main character maintain a relatively realistic proportion of head to body, making them seem taller and more aged. However, like Madotsuki, their eyes appear closed.

At the time of the game's opening, they seem to take a resigned perspective on life -- their main pastime, aside from monitoring the controls of the planet-like station, is sleeping, perhaps evidence of their basic human need to initiate social contact, even if it is through an ersatz method.

As can be surmised by the plot summary, the main character resides in a plant-infested space station. Their bedroom is an annex to what appears to be a main office, wherein lie piles of books, a few tables, and an exit to the outside area, where the player can see what was once Main's attempt at a garden, which now as become overgrown.

The bedroom itself contains, besides the bed, a shaggy abstract rug, a single lamp, and some plants. Next to the bed appears to be a helmet.

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Gameplay VideoEdit

Miserere Part 1 Lucid Dreaming58:32

Miserere Part 1 Lucid Dreaming

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