Game Walkthrough Gallery

Locations (WIP)Edit

Locations are subject to change, as the current version of the game is a very early stage and is still being worked on. The following are the main Nexus locations; bulleted underneath are the both direct and indirect connecting areas.

Sky WorldEdit

Accessed from the bottom-most door. This area is comprised of floating lamp-filled walkways and balconies over a rainy sky.

  • Stone Face World
  • Theatre
  • Abstract World

Abstract WorldEdit

Accessed from the right-most door. A world filled with abstract paintings and an alien with a top hat. Walking across the rugs sometimes causes floating brown orbs to appear, seeming to follow the player, though these are harmless.

  • Theatre
  • Stone Face World
  • Sky World

Floating Lights World (Tower of Ki)Edit

The northern door. It's a dark area with floating luminescent spheres.

  • Red Planet

Organic World (Orga)Edit

The leftmost door. A labyrinthine area populated by spider-like creatures and aliens resembling body parts.

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