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September 5, 2015


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MixiM is a Yume Nikki Fangame made by kisekinomahou.


The game stars Chie, a girl searching for Effects in order to manipulate her dream world. Through wearing certain effects, areas can change in appearance and show gateways to new locations. Dialogue (including symbols and website names) is used throughout the game to explain the situation of Chie and the dream world. The ending of the game includes a message to the player, further supporting the game's meta state.

About the Dream WorldEdit

In MixiM's universe, humanity was created by higher beings who use dreams to cure "mental corruption" (i.e. curing trauma from abuse at a younger age) in individuals (labeled as Patients in game). These dreams are abstract interpretations of the patient's life, all containing a sort of "safe room". The patient is allowed to stay in this simulation eternally, becoming a character across other dream worlds (inspired by Yume Nikki's manga adaptation). In the case that the patient's trauma worsens, their negative emotions distort them into an Uboa-esque creature.

After the "death" of Chie, she wakes up against her will due to the trauma connected to the events. Despite this, the end of the dream represents a resolution to her pains in real life, fulfilling the purpose of the dream world.


Some Effects change slightly if using an item while wearing the Effect (such as Medicine if drinking Coke or Sick if taking Colorful Pills). Chie can move faster by holding down the Shift key, so the use of a speed-boost Effect is not needed.

Name Image Description
Ragamuffin Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Kitten Chie gains cat ears, representing her love for animals.
Nightmare Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Nightmare Chei becomes almost entirely black and red, representing a fear of negative situations. Wearing this effect can change the appearance of some locations.
Sick Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Sick Chie becomes sick, evidenced by her skin taking on a gray-blue tone. Taking the Colorful Pills causes her to change color. Wearing this effect can change the appearance of a location.
Kitsune Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Kitsune Chie becomes a kitsune, a hint to her backstory. This effect allows for different reactions from NPCs and can help to find other locations.
Angel Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Angel Chie gains angel wings and a halo, representing her wish to be pure, kind, and able to protect those she loves.
Demon Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Demon Chie becomes a demon, representing her fear of becoming evil.
Anime Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Anime Chie has pink hair and white pants, representing a possible interest.
Bat Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Bat Chie has bat ears and wings, representing a love for animals and her nocturnal nature.
Tokuto-chan Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Tokuto Chie has a white head spouting blood, a reference to Tokuto-kun, a Yume Nikki NPC. The amount of blood pouring out increases the longer she wears the effect.
Night Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Night Chie wears dark blue clothes resembling a night sky, causing locations to turn to night and further representing her nocturnal nature.
Chelonioidea Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Turtle Chie becomes green and wears a turtle plush on her head, further representing her love for animals.
Jellyfish Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Jellyfish Chie becomes light blue with a pink shirt and a head resembling a jellyfish, making her able to electrify NPCs.
Medicine Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Medicine Chie [description needed], representing Chie's wish to find a cure to her trauma, potentially through medication. Using Coke causes bubbles to appear around her.
Short hair Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM SH Chie has short hair and wears an aqua shirt with a green "P" (a reference to Greenpeace) acting as a representation of her social past.
Sugar Bunny Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Sugar Bunny Chie wears a pink bunny suit, representing her love for animals and for sweets.
Puzzle Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Puzzle Chie becomes colored like a jigsaw puzzle, representing her desire to put ideas together. Wearing this Effect allows her to access otherwise-blocked areas.
Microphone Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Microphone Chie carries a microphone, a possible representation of her interest in singing.
Dark Flowers Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Flower Chie dresses in a dark outfit with a flower crown, allowing her to make flowers grow by interacting with seeds on the ground. The effect is a representation of her hope to make the universe a more beautiful place.
Halloween Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Ghosties Chie wears a purple shirt and has a thin ghost wrapped around her at the back, representing her spirituality and enjoyment of Halloween.


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver. 0.1

September 5, 2015

? Mediafire

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