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Overview Edit

MixiM is a Yume Nikki Fangame made by kisekinomahou (Creator of Yume-san).

Plot Edit

You play as a girl named Chie.

The game begins shortly after Chie decides to search for the effects, since she can't completely manipulate some of the dreamworlds without them.

The game includes dialogue, with which the player can get information about Chie’s story and about how the dreamworlds work.

It also includes symbols and names of websites, information about the world, and other meta information.

Some places will look different if wearing certain effects, and some are directly inaccessible without them.

Aside from Chie, almost all characters have their own story, which can be read at miximcharacters.

There is one ending, which upon collecting certain items, can include a message for the player.

About the dreamworld Edit

Humans were created by other beings, which, upon seeing some of their creations being unable to move forward because of "mental corruption" decides to use dreams to help that person (or patient, as labelled in the game) to move on. After situations of abuse in a child, for example, the brain changes and the kid, most probably, if not surely, will develop a trauma that will kind of “corrupt” future situations. Stress post-trauma, for example, in which any situation slightly similar to the cause of the trauma can become a pure hell). Now, this dreams show the patient various worlds according to what happened in it’s life, and will always have a room for the patient to be safe at.

This “dreams” are shown one after another, they are all the same, but are different in each person’s head.

Each patient has the option to stay in the dream forever, in which case said person will become a “character” that will change to fit other’s stories (based on Yume Nikki’s manga).

If the patient gets even worse, they will become Uboa-like creatures (also based on Yume Nikki), implying that all the bunch of NPCs that resemble Uboa were patients that let their negative feelings take over them.

Lastly, after Chie “dies”, she wakes up. This must happen in her case due to the big impact it all caused in her in a negative way. Basically, the patient wakes up after a representative situation, Chie falling down to death, for example, represented how her life went all down with one crash after another, resulting in her death, when she decided to fall in the dream she faced the pain of her sadness, of the roots to her suffering as an ultimate way of facing her trauma, showing an absolute resolution to the fact that she faced it and is now ready to move on.

Effects Edit

So far there are 19. They cannot be dropped anywhere. Some effects change slightly if using an item while wearing the effect (such as the medicine if drinking coke or the pill effect if taking additional pills).

Name Image Description
Kitten Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Kitten Represents Chie’s love for animals.
Nightmare Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Nightmare Represents a fear to negative situations, and if wearing it some places will look different.
Sick Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Sick Chie is a sickly person. A certain item will makes this effect change color. If wearing it a certain place will look different.
Kitsune Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Kitsune It’s a hint about her story, it allows interaction with certain npcs and even the possibility of going to other places.
Angel Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Angel Represents what she would like to be; pure, kind, able to protect those she loves, and basically like an angel.
Demon Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Demon Represents what she wouldn’t like to be.
Anime Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Anime Just a hint about what she likes.
Bat Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Bat Represents Chie’s love for animals, and is also a hint to her way of living (like, for example, the fact that she dislikes daylight).
Tokuto-chan Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Tokuto After walking some time with it, she’ll bleed more and more from the top of her head. This effect is a blink to my Yume Nikki’s favorite npc.
Night Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Night If wearing it it’ll become night, it’s also a little hint to the fact that she would prefer to sleep during the day, instead of the other way around.
Chelonioidea Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Turtle Represents Chie’s love for animals.
Jellyfish Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Jellyfish This effect can be used as a weapon by electrifying random npcs, or to interact with some others.
Medicine Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Medicine Represents her wish to find a cure to whatever is going on to her, along with the positive effects of a possible medicine, it allows her to run faster.
Short hair Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM SH It’s a hint to her past and to her old hobbies. Although hard to see, the shirt she wears has a green “P”, a blink to GreenPeace and part of the hint.
Sugar Bunny Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Sugar Bunny Represents both her love for animals and for sweets.
Puzzle Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Puzzle Represents the feeling of putting things together (ideas, for instance) to understand something, as a hint to her personality. If wearing this effect you can access certain places.
Microphone Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Microphone A hint to what she likes.
Dark flowers: Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Flower Represents her almost constant intention of making the universe a more beautiful place, when wearing it you can make flowers grow.
Halloween Yume Nikki FG Chie MixiM Ghosties A hint to what she likes and to her closeness to spiritual stuff, also a blink to the celebration.

Download/External Links Edit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver. 0.1 September 5, 2015 ~ Download

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