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Mong Jung Mong (몽중몽)
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RPG Maker 2003

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January 24, 2012


LeeJinHuiSprite Lee Jin Hui (이진희)

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Mong Jung Mong (몽중몽 , Dream in Dream or DID) is a Korean fangame by oxygenvil made in RPG Maker 2003. It stars a girl named Lee Jin Hui (이진희).


Mong Jung Mong is a traditional fangame, the main goal being to explore the dream world and collect Effects. Like Yume Nikki, the 9 key is used to wake up and the 1 key is used for effect actions.


The protagonist of Mong Jung Mong is Lee Jin Hui, a girl refusing to leave her room.


Name Sprite Face Icon Description
UFO DoDEff UFO DoDface-1 Lee Jin Hui rides a UFO, increasing her speed. Pressing 1 causes it to bob up and down. After an ending is unlocked, the effect can move diagonally and contains multiple new controls through keyboard numbers (2: increase speed; 3: decrease speed; 4: light up dark areas).
Golf Club
DoD club1 DoDface-2 Lee Jin Hui holds a golf club as a weapon, allowing her to kill NPCs. Pressing 1 causes her to lift the club.
DoDEff glasses DoDface-3 Lee Jin Hui wears a pair of large, round, red (and possibly dirty) goggles. Pressing 1 returns her to the Nexus.
DoDEff zombie DoDface-4 Lee Jin Hui becomes a bloody zombie. When equipped, zombie chasers ignore her and become passive. Pressing 1 causes her to breathe heavily.
DoDEff potion DoDface-5 Lee Jin Hui turns into a light blue potion. Pressing 1 causes the liquid to spill.
DoDEff mutant DoDface-6 Lee Jin Hui turns into a mutant. Pressing 1 makes her roar, her hair becoming tentacles.
Fire Extinguisher
DoDEff Fire extinguisher DoDface-7 Lee Jin Hui holds a fire extinguisher. Pressing 1 causes her to use it, putting out nearby fires.
DoDEff moai DoDface-8 Lee Jin Hui turns into a grey moai statue with a blue hairpin, decreasing her speed. Pressing 1 warps her to the starting position of the last 3 maps entered.
DoDEff paper DoDface-9 Lee Jin Hui appears to be made of paper: she becomes flat, thin and monochrome. Pressing 1 makes her nod, and will warp to a place near to the "force wake-up event" most recently activated.
TV DoDEff TV DoDface-10 Lee Jin Hui's head turns into an old-fashioned TV. Pressing 1 turns the screen on or off, showing a random image.
DoDEff paint DoDface-11 Lee Jin Hui holds a paint brush. Pressing 1 causes the screen to have a random shade of color.
DoDEff plant1DoDEff plant2 DoDface-12 Plant vines grow around Lee Jin Hui's body. Pressing 1 causes a red flower to grow on her head, allowing her to walk through vine tiles.
Long Hair
DoDEff longhair7DoDEff longhair5 DoDface-13 Lee Jin Hui's hair becomes longer. Pressing 1 makes her tie her hair up with a blue band.
Red Hair
DoDEff redhair DoDface-14 Lee Jin Hui has red hair. Pressing 1 warps her to the "Hell" area.
DoDEff rope2 DoDface-15 Lee Jin Hui is tied with a rope in a sitting position, decreasing her speed and making her unable to wake up.
School Uniform
DoDEff uniform DoDface-16 Lee Jin Hui wears a Korean school uniform. Pressing 1 makes her sit down.
DoDEff signDoDEff sign1 DoDface2-1 Lee Jin Hui's head turns into a sign. Pressing 1 rotate the sign to a circle or a cross. The movement of NPCs freezes when the cross shows.
DoDEff mask DoDface2-2 Lee Jin Hui wears an air-filtering mask. Pressing 1 makes her cough.
DoDEff fire DoDface2-3 Lee Jin Hui gains fire-like colors and her head bursts into flames, lighting up dark areas. Pressing 1 causes the flame to temporarily become more intense.
Fluorescent Light
DoDEff light DoDface2-4 Lee Jin Hui becomes a walking compact fluorescent light bulb, lighting up dark areas. Pressing 1 toggles the light on or off.
DoDEff metalDoDEff metal2 DoDface2-5 Lee Jin Hui turns into metal. Pressing 1 turns her body red-hot.
DoDEff bug DoDface2-6 Lee Jin Hui turns into a bug, allowing her to enter small entrances. Pressing 1 changes its color. The effect comes with 2 colors initially, but finding other bugs throughout the game gives the effect more colors.
DoDEff smoke DoDface2-7 Lee Jin Hui turns into a cloud of smoke. Pressing 1 causes her to wake up, but saves her current location. Pressing 1 again allows her to return to this location.
Black Hole
DoDEff BH DoDface2-8 Lee Jin Hui's head turns into a black hole. Pressing 1 draws NPCs toward her.
DoDEff wheather DoDface2-9 4 panels appear around Lee Jin Hui's head. Pressing 1 changes the weather to rain, snow, dust storm or fog (each causing a specific panel to glow).
DoDEff guitar DoDface2-10 Lee Jin Hui holds a light blue guitar. Pressing 1 makes her play a chord.
DoDEff car1 DoDface2-11 Lee Jin Hui turns into a car, increasing her speed. Pressing 1 or 9 makes it honk.



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