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Mortalis (モルターリス)
Mortalis ver.0.01's Title Screen
Latest Version

0.01 (2016/02/28)


Inari (稲荷)





Release Date

September 5, 2015


Shimotsukisprite Shimotsuki (しもつき)

Nexus Doors



(Items) 7




Mortalis (モルターリス) is a Japanese Yume Nikki Fangames created by Inari (稲荷) (Twitter) in WOLF RPG Editor.You play as Shimotsuki (しもつき).


Mortalis is a traditional Yume Nikki fangame. You can travel to the dream world by sleeping on the bed. Your main objective is to explore the dream world and collect effects. You can drop the effects by entering the green door in the hallway and pressing 5. You can save by interacting with the laptop and using the mouse to click the diary icon.

One unique aspect of this game is that you can collect loops of the games music (which appear as floating orange music notes) that you can play on Shimotsuki's laptop in the real world.

You can also play a mini game called Tomato on the GameCube in Shimotsuki's room. The rule is to control your character to catch the falling tomatoes: green tomatoes score 1 point, red tomatoes score 5 points, yellow tomatoes score 10 points. The tomatoes will fall faster when you reach certain points, after failed to catch the tomatoes for three times will game over. You can press Q key on title screen to check the best scores.


  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • X - Open the menu
  • Z / Enter - Select option / equip effect
  • 1 or 3 button on numpad - Use effect
  • 9 button on numpad - Wake up
  • 5 button on numpad - Drop the effects
  • Mouse - Select options on Shimotsuki's laptop


Not much is known about the plot. The game stars Shimotsuki, a girl who refuses to leave her room.

Items (Effects)Edit

Name Image Description
Wheel (車輪) MortalisEff01 Shimotsuki turns into a wheel and her speed doubles. Pressing 1 makes the wheel lay down.
Hourglass (砂時計) MortalisEff03 Shimotsuki turns into an hourglass. Pressing 1 makes her flip forward.
Earmuff and Muffler (耳当てとマフラー) MortalisEff06aMortalisEff06b Shimotsuki wears earmuff and muffler. Pressing 1 changes her into a snowman and summons the snow.
Middle Parted Hair (真ん中分け) MortalisEff05MortalisEff05EyesOpen Shimotsuki's hair becomes middle parted and you can see her (closed) eyes. Pressing 1 makes her open her eyes.
Red Riding Hood (赤ずきん) MortalisEff04MortalisEff04HoodDown Shimotsuki wears a red hood. Pressing 1 makes her pull the hood down, showing that she now also has wolf ears.
Albino (アルビノ) MortalisEff02 Shimotsuki's hair turns light blue.
Encroachment (浸食) MortalisEff07 Shimotsuki's head is encroached by some purple thing.

Download / External LinkEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.01 February 28, 2016 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.00 September 5, 2015 Japanese

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