Game Walkthrough Gallery Theories

Shimotsuki's EffectsEdit

Wheel (車輪)Edit

Beach → Ocean Floor → interact with the broken wheel in the middle part.

Hourglass (砂時計)Edit

Forest World → go between the pillars → Desert World → interact with the Hourglass.

Earmuff and Muffler (耳当てとマフラー)Edit

Forest World → go along the road → Looping Road → go right for a while then go left → go down the staircase → Staircase Maze → interact with the ice-cream → Snow World → interact with the snowman.

Middle Parted Hair (真ん中分け)Edit

Electro World → interact with the neon girl.

Red Riding Hood (赤ずきん)Edit

Forest World → interact with the red book → Wood House → interact with the girl beside the house.

Albino (アルビノ)Edit

Hospital → Hospital Hallway → 3rd door → interact with the white haired girl on the bed.

Encroachment (浸食)Edit

Hospital → Hospital Hallway → Central → south → bottom-right → go down the big hole → Medicine World → crush all the pills → step on the purple puddle → interact with the NPC.

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