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Mugamuchuu (夢我夢中)
Version 0.006 Title Screen
Latest Version

0.006+ (2017/05/06)


Machikado no Michi (街角の道)
Haru (はる)

Original Language



RPG Maker 2000

Original Date

May 6, 2012


NiyaNaki Nakitsuki / Niyatsuki

Nexus Doors

Nakitsuki - 6
Niyatsuki - 2


Nakitsuki - 12
Niyatsuki - 2


1 (only Nakitsuki has an ending)


Mugamuchuu (夢我夢中, ムガムチュウ, Our Crazy Dream, lit. Ecstasy/Being absorbed) is a Yume Nikki Fangame made by Machikado no Michi (街角の道) (Pixiv, Twitter) and Haru (はる) (Pixiv). Mugamuchuu is a very traditional YN fangame. It more resembles the original Yume Nikki, rather than being inspired by other fangames. It has a map with Madotsuki's shirt pattern traced out with walls. Except for Yume Nikki, this fangame is also somewhat similar to (and possibly has a reference to) Yume Graffiti.

A test version of Mugamuchuu v0.003 with an alternative pre-triggered ending can be found in the "Movie" folder in the latest versions of this game.


You begin the game as Nakitsuki, a boy who refuses to leave his room. After you collect all 13 of his effects, you can unlock a second protagonist, Niyatsuki, who also cannot leave his room. While Nakitsuki's room looks more traditional and casual, Niyatsuki's room is bigger and more expensive-looking. Like most traditional fangames, this game has events, endings, chasers and recurring characters which can only briefly give us hints on the plot.


At the beginning you take the role of Nakitsuki, a boy who cannot leave his room, so all he does is exploring his own dreams. You enter his dream world through the bed; saving is done through the diary on his desk. Like in Yume Nikki, your objective is to collect effects and gather them all in a room that will appear later at the nexus. After that you can trigger Nakitsuki's ending, then you immediately switch to play as Niyatsuki. It has to be noted that the worlds both of the protagonists view are different. When playing as Niyatsuki, you save through his TV and enter his dreams by hiding in his closet.

Nakitsuki's PartEdit

Nakitsuki has an average-sized room with a bed, a desk, a modern wide screen TV, a dresser and a balcony. You can enter the debug room in Nakitsuki's dream room by interacting with the left side of the wall with the door.

This part has chasers that trap you in relatively big locations, which you cannot leave, unless you wake up or use the Bandages effect. Also, you don't earn money by killing NPCs. Instead, you can get as many as you want by interacting with the can recycle bins by the vending machines. Like in most fangames, the later sell you lives for 100G. Additionally, there are 4 custom menus you can choose from, all four can be found in the Cards World.

At certain locations the game can be saved even during a dream, through the menu, possibly as a result of a bug.

Niyatsuki's PartEdit

Niyatsuki's room is relatively big, he has a large bed, a closet, a wall with lined up windows with moving scenery of a city, a big wide screen TV with large speakers which make it look like a home theater. From what it looks like, Niyatsuki appears to be wealthier than most fangames protagonists. His part has very few worlds, as it appears to be incomplete. Niyatsuki has 2 effects that he can use and 2 effects that haven't been implemented in the game yet.



Name Image Description
Golf Club (ゴルフクラブ) MugaEff13 Nakitsuki's weapon. Nakitsuki wields a golf club, Pressing SHIFT makes him swing it. Other characters avoid you when this effect is equipped.
Vivid Colors (ビビットカラー) MugaEff02 Nakitsuki's colors are significantly different and chaotic. They also change as he walks. Pressing SHIFT makes the screen flash.
Flashlight (かいちゅうでんとう) MugaEff03 Nakitsuki holds a flashlight, which can be used to light up dark locations. Pressing SHIFT makes Nakitsuki lift it towards his face, then turn it on. Pressing it again makes him turn it off.
Bucket (バケツ) MugaEff01 Nakitsuki's head appears to be missing, the rest of his body is covered with an upside-down bucket. His feet can be barely seen underneath it. Pressing SHIFT makes Nakitsuki cover his feet with the bucket as well. In this form his speed is decreased, as he has to crawl in order to move.
Red and White (こうはく) MugaEff12 Nakitsuki wears a religious Japanese red and white outfit and holds an Onusa. Pressing SHIFT makes him wave it, and it will start raining. Pressing it again lets you alter the amount of rain. You can revert this effect's action by unequipping it.
Rocket (ロケット) MugaEff04 Nakitsuki rides a rocket which increases his speed. Nakitsuki's hair gets messy and his face expression changes when he rides the rocket.
Scrunchy (シュシュ) MugaEff06 Nakitsuki wears his hair in a long side ponytail tied with a pink scrunchy.
Bandages (ほうたい) MugaEff05 Nakitsuki's face is covered with bandages. Pressing SHIFT makes him open the bandages to reveal a large red eye on his face, then return to the nexus.
Snowsuit (ぼうかんぐ) MugaEff07 Nakitsuki wears earmuffs and a winter coat that resembles Yomika's outfit, the protagonist of Yume Graffiti. Nakitsuki puts his arms into his pockets to keep them warm. This effect makes it snow whenever it is equipped.
Beaver (ビーバー) MugaEff09 Nakitsuki's hair and shirt are orange, he has brown beaver ears, tail and paws. Pressing SHIFT causes him to "swim" like a beaver in the air and his speed halves. This effect also allows you to enter certain locations.
Prince (おうじ) MugaEff10 Nakitsuki is dressed in a "Victorian"-styled costume of a prince. Pressing SHIFT causes him to unsheathe a dagger, swing it and point it towards the sky.
Sailor (すいへい) MugaEff11 Nakitsuki wears some sort of a sailor uniform with a beret.
Viola (ヴィオラ) MugaEff14 Nakitsuki plays a viola.


Name Image Description
Metal Bat (きんぞくバット) NiyaEff01 Niyatsuki's weapon. Niyatsuki wields a metal bat. Other characters avoid you when this effect is equipped.
Flying Squirrel (モモンガ) NiyaEff04 Niyatsuki wears a costume of a blue flying squirrel which increases his speed.


Name Image Description
Nakitsuki (なきつき) NakitsukiSprite The first playable protagonist, and the main character of the game.
Niyatsuki (にやつき) NiyatsukiSprite The second playable character, an unlockable protagonist.
Kie (鬼絵) Kie1 Aka Laughing Demon (鬼笑, Oniwarai).

A grey-haired demon with heterochromia dressed in traditional Japanese clothes. It appears at several places in your dream and triggers certain events. You cannot kill it, it does not react to any effects either. In a random event Kie appears in Nakitsuki's dream room after being caught by it in the dream at least once.

Mad Kie / Chasers ChaserKie Mad versions of Kie that chase you in certain locations of the dream world. Getting caught by one of them traps you in a sectioned-off area.


Itsumi A Miko (Shrine Maiden) at the shrine. Itsumi has red eyes and long dark hair. She appears to have an event where she sweeps the floor with a broom at the shrine.
Snowsuit/Boukangu (防寒着, ぼうかんぐ) Boukanngu The character who gives you Nakitsuki's Snowsuit effect. They wear the same green coat, but they are taller than Nakitsuki, have brown hair and purple eyes. Boukangu appears to have an event where they snooze/fall asleep. It is triggered in a similar way as Itsumi's event is forced.
Sea Child / Uminoko (海の子) Uminoko A mermaid with long blue hair that lives in the Underwater World.
Mochizuki MugamuchuuMochizuki1 A boy whom Nakitsuki encounters on a rooftop in his dreams.
Half-fish Doctor


DoctorFish A doctor who crossed himself with a fish. He appears to be a marine biologist which resides in a submarine. His submarine looks a lot like Seccom Masada-sensei's place.
Taigun Taigun A red-haired character dressed in green, found sitting on a bench at the Pink Trees World.
Shinkan Shinkan Four card suits priests, each one of them gives you a different menu skin. The card suits they represent are: Red = Hearts, Blue = Spades, Green = Clubs, Yellow = Diamonds. In addition, all four are involved in the process of receiving one of the effects.
Amagaza Amagaza An obsessively fallen in love person of uncertain gender carrying a transparent umbrella, hence the name. They have short, violet hair.
Natsuki (夏樹) MugamuchuuNatsuki According to the in-game description, Natsuki has pitch black hair; he wears a deep blue hoodie and black pants. His status says "Fully Recovered", hinting on him being ill at some point, but now he had been cured. He and Yatsuki are said to be brothers.

This character is not involved in the dream sequences. Presumably he is a part of a hidden event/ending.

Yatsuki (八樹) MugamuchuuYatsuki According to the in-game description, Yatsuki has dark green hair; he wears a black vest, a shirt and bluish, almost aqua pants. He and Natsuki are said to be brothers.

This character is not involved in the dream sequences. Presumably he is a part of a hidden event/ending.

Download / External LinksEdit


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.006+ May 6, 2017 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.006 May 31, 2014 Pixiv Japanese
An April Fool's version inside its "Movie" folder.


Version Announcement Download Note
Ver.0.006 English Translated by HimeNikki.
Ver.0.005 Page Chinese Translated by 飛揚寒星 (fcoldstar),
approved by Machikado no Michi.

Known Issues/BugsEdit

1. Getting Stuck - Both in Nakitsuki and Niyatsuki's part there a few places where you can get "stuck" at a certain square without being able to move, use effects or even wake up. The only thing you can do is exit to the title through F12 without saving. (or obviously, exit to Windows and manually close the application)

Solution: Avoid going to these squares without saving your game. Here is a partial list of the places you can get stuck at:

  • As Nakitsuki, Pink Trees World, when sitting down on a bench beside an NPC with red hair and green clothes.

Don't sit there! You'll get stuck!

  • Niyatsuki's Dream Room, when trying to interact and/or approach to the stereo.

2. At certain locations the game can be saved during a dream, through an empty text block in the menu.

3. Niyatsuki cannot use his effects after collecting them all, waking up, saving, then going to sleep again.

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