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Effects Guide - NakitsukiEdit

Golf Club (ゴルフクラブ)Edit

Go to the Dark World (door with the cityscape on it in the nexus; the Flashlight effect isn't necessary but it helps) → head north until you reach the first road (marked with white lines) then head east until the upside down skyscrapers become lined up quite densely, then head north → there should be a golf club lying on the ground for you to interact with to get the effect

Vivid Colors (ビビットカラー)Edit

Go to Vivid Color World (blue and yellow door, first on the left in the nexus) → head west until you reach the entrance to the maze. From here head north so you're entering on the level above. Heading left again from here should allow you to find a door → Vivid Pathway → enter the door at the end → interact one of the vivid NPC (the one that gives the effect seems to be the same as all the other NPCs in the room, just try them all, eventually you'll get it)

Flashlight (かいちゅうでんとう)Edit

Ecstasy World → head east about twice as far as the entrance to the bloody hand world, then head south. There's a small flashlight on the ground but you'll have to look carefully as it's quite hard to see

Bucket (バケツ)Edit

Go to Graffiti World (grey and red-ish door, first on the right in the nexus) → head north west to find a bucket on the ground and interact with it to get the effect

Red and White (こうはく)Edit

Go to Chinese Mural World (black and yellow door at the bottom right of the nexus) → head south east until you find a torii gate and interact with it to get to the Shinto Shrine → interact with the priest(ess) at the shrine to get the effect

Rocket (ロケット)Edit

Go to Graffiti World → find a blue entrance directly west from the bucket needed to acquire → Blue Pathway → Spaceship → enter the sixth door → interact with the capsule on the center.

Scrunchy (シュシュ)Edit

Go to Water World → head south until you see a small dead tree on your left, then head east → interact with the scrunchy on the tree.

Bandages (ほうたい)Edit

Go to the Ecstasy World (red door at the bottom left of the nexus) → head just north east and pass between the red and green pills → head north from here until you reach a large, bloody hand → from here you should be able to see a flexing, bandaged hand → interact with this hand to get the effect

Snowsuit (ぼうかんぐ) Edit

Water world (blue door with red X) → head directly east, past the first moon in the background, you'll come to two unassuming trees stood side by side, walk between them to enter the Snow world → head west/south west and interact with the tall NPC in the green jacket to get the effect

Beaver (ビーバー)Edit

Prince (おうじ)Edit

Sailor (すいへい)Edit

Go to Water World → north from the entrance from the nexus there's a small "puddle", a splash of the blue with the rest of the tile being transparent. It looks a bit out of place, it shouldn't be that hard to notice. Step on it → Water World B → head north east until you find a metal ladder to go down → Under Water → head north (going around the large crevice) to find a stone entrance → Under Water Pathway → interact with the sailor hat at the end.

Viola (ヴィオラ)Edit

Ecstasy World → head north east from the entrance until you reach a small, bloody opening (?) which you should go through → follow the blood path into the next area → head north east again and go into the green building and go down the stairs → head directly east and head into the doorway on the other side of the room → head left and interact with the NPC in the chair, surrounded by musical notes to get the effect

Accessing the Debug Room (Nakitsuki) Edit

To access the debug room, fall asleep. Instead of interacting with the bedroom door, interact with the wall next to it. This will allow you to enter the debug room and retrieve all of the effects, get extra money, unlock events easily, and even skip to the end. To teleport to areas via the debug room, interact with spaces on the wall. Interacting with a certain space will skip to the end of the game, so be careful.

Effects Guide - NiyatsukiEdit

Metal Bat (きんぞくバット)Edit

Flying Squirrel (モモンガ)Edit

Events GuideEdit

Itsumi Broom Event Edit

Go to the shrine and find Itsumi. Kill her at least ten times. The event will occur randomly afterwards.

Sleeping Boukangu Event Edit

In the Winter World (accessed in the world with the door marked with a X), there is Boukangu. Acquire the Snowsuit effect from him, then kill him at least five times to unlock this event.

Endings Guide and Unlocking NiyatsukiEdit

Warning! The following part contains spoilers for Our Crazy Dream. Read at your own risk!

How To Unlock Niyatsuki's PartEdit

Get all effects, put them all in their orbs in a room that appears in the nexus. Make sure you've witnessed all of Kie's wake-up or random events. (Kie is a chaser in this game, it has gray hair and different-colored eyes. See the Events Guide section of this page to know which events you'll need to view.) Wake up and exit the door of Nakitsuki's room. You will view Nakitsuki's ending, then you'll be able to play as Niyatsuki.

Important: If you unlock Niyatsuki's part, you won't be able to see the credits after Nakitsuki's part ends.

Normal EndingEdit

Get all effects, put them in the room that appears in the nexus. Make sure you don't view any wake-up or random events. To do that, you will need to avoid interacting with Kie (A gray-haired NPC with different-colored eyes) anywhere. Wake up, exit the door of Nakitsuki's room, and go down the corridor and open the door. You will view Nakitsuki's ending and see the credits roll

Important: If you trigger this ending, you won't unlock Niyatsuki's part after the end of Nakitsuki's part. Instead, you will view the game's credits and you'll be warped to the main menu.

April Fool's Ending (?)Edit

To view this part, enter the "Movie" folder of Our Crazy Dream and open the hidden version of this game. Start a new game, skip through the manual and exit Nakitsuki's room through the door. Go up the map to see the alternative ending.

"Of the other" Ending (?)Edit

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