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Musou Yuugi (夢想遊戯)
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September 21, 2012


Shirasprite Shirayuki (白雪)

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Musou Yuugi (夢想遊戯) lit. Dream Play is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Atami (熱海) who is also the producer of Lost † Game, *Illness*, M∞N and Made In Nightmare. It stars Shirayuki (白雪), a girl who refuses to leave her room. The game seems to have a theme of Japanese folklore/theatre.


Musou Yuugi is like most Yume Nikki Fangames, Shirayuki enters the bed to sleep, and can then enter the nexus. After you collect an effect it later appears in the nexus.

You can also buy some ornaments for your dream room from the market sellers in certain worlds.


It is possible that Shirayuki was involved in performing arts before becoming a shut in.


  • Arrow Keys - move direction
  • Enter, Space bar, Z key - interact & confirm
  • Backspace, X key - open the menu & option
  • SHIFT, C key - effect special action
  • F4 - change the screen's size
  • F12 - back to the title screen


Name Image Description
Hair Stick (かんざし)
Shirayuki wears a hair stick on her hair. Pressing action key will change her clothes into Wafuku.
Zebra (しましま) YuugiEff01 Shirayuki wears a zebra line dress. It will enhance her speed.
Axe (まさかり) YuugiEff02 Shirayuki carries an axe. It's the weapon in this game.
Squirrel (りす) YuugiEff03 Shirayuki turns into a squirrel.
Crystal (すいしょうだま) YuugiEff04 Shirayuki's head turns into a crystal. Pressing the action key makes the crystal's eye open & see some secrets.
Upside-Down (さかだち) YuugiEff05 Makes Shirayuki do a handstand.
Heterochromia (オッドアイ) YuugiEff06 Makes Shirayuki's eyes have different colors and give her cat ears.
Punk (パンク) YuugiEff07 Shirayuki wears a punk dress. Pressing the action key will make her play the air guitar.
Collar (くびわ) YuugiEff08 Shirayuki wears a collar on her neck. Pressing the action key makes her struggle.
Tricycle (さんりんしゃ) YuugiEff09 Shirayuki rides a tricycle. It will enhance her speed.
Burned (こげる) YuugiEff10 Shirayuki's skin is burnt to black.
Ice-cream (アイスクリーム) YuugiEff11 Shirayuki's head turns into an ice-cream.

Pressing the action key switches the flavour(chocolate and strawberry)

Balloon (ふうせん) YuugiEff12 Shirayuki's head turns into a balloon. Pressing the action key will make her head blow up.
Tilting Doll (だるま) YuugiEff13 Shirayuki's head turns into a tilting doll. Pressing the action key will stop the NPCs' movement.
Death Mask (デスマスク) YuugiEff14 Shirayuki wears a skull mask.
Copycat (コピーキャット) YuugiEff15 Shirayuki wears a cat mask. Using this effect and interacting with an NPC will make her change to the NPC's appearance.
Doll (でくにんぎょう) YuugiEff16 Shirayuki turns into a dark skinned doll.
Chameleon (めいさいふく) YuugiEff17 Shirayuki wears camouflage clothing. Pressing the action key makes her disappear from the chasers.
Robot (ロボット) YuugiEff18 Shirayuki turns into a maid robot.
Oni (おに) YuugiEff19 Shirayuki wears an Oni mask.

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N/A September 21, 2012 Pixiv Japanese


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N/A Page Chinese Translated by 飛揚寒星 (fcoldstar), approved by Atami.

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