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Muyuu (ムユウ)
Muyuu's (ムユウ) Title Screen
Latest Version



Furatsuki (ふらつき)

Original Language



RPG Maker 2000

Original Date

September 3, 2010


FuratsukiSprite Furatsuki (ふらつき)

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Muyuu (ムユウ) is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Furatsuki (Pixiv). The main character's name is also Furatsuki (ふらつき), and she seems to be locked in her room. Attempting to leave it just results in a closed door sound effect.


Muyuu plays like most Yume Nikki fangames, focusing on exploration and collecting effects. A unique feature about Muyuu is its multiple stage minigame in which your cursor is the protagonist (Furatsuki) herself.


In Ver.0.05a, there are only 5 effects that can be obtained in the game.

Name Image Description
Silk Hat (シルクハット) MuyuEff06 Furatsuki wears a black silk hat.
Color Pencil (いろえんぴつ) MuyuEff07 Furatsuki holds a red pencil.
Monochrome (モノクロ) MuyuEff03 Furatsuki becomes monochrome.
Gill Breathing (えらこきゅう) MuyuEff02 Furatsuki has gills that allow her to breathe underwater.
Headless (くびなし) MuyuEff01 Furatsuki's head is cut off, leaving her with a bleeding neck. Unused Effect.
Wire (せん) MuyuEff04 Furatsuki becomes a black and white doodle of herself. Unused Effect.
Shiba Inu (しばけん) MuyuEff05 Furatsuki gains dog ears and tail. Unused Effect.
Fever (ねつ) MuyuEff08 Furatsuki looks sick/feverish. Unused Effect.
Katana Sword (かたな) MuyuEff09 Furatsuki wields a katana sword. Unused Effect.
Snowboard (スノボー) MuyuEff10 Furatsuki rides a snowboard. In Ver.0.05a there has a bug that equipping this effect changes Furatsuki into Monochrome.
Invisible (とうめい) MuyuEff11 Furatsuki becomes invisible. Unused Effect.

Download / External LinksEdit


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.05a May 16, 2012 Pixiv Japanese
Password: 246
Ver.0.04b June 1, 2011 Japanese
Password: 642
Ver.0.04a April 1, 2011 Pixiv Japanese (ZIP)
Japanese (RAR)
Password: 642
Ver.0.03b December 6, 2010 Japanese
Password: 642
Ver.0.02b November 9, 2010 Japanese
Password: 642
Ver.0.01c October 13, 2010 Japanese
Password: 642
Ver.0.00 September 3, 2010 Japanese
Password: 642


Version Announcement Download Note
Ver.0.05 English Translated by HimeNikki.

Gameplay VideoEdit

Yume Nikki Fangames- ムユウ (Muyuu)07:32

Yume Nikki Fangames- ムユウ (Muyuu)

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