Game Walkthrough Gallery

Movies GuideEdit

Movie 1Edit

Hint: Climb the rope.

[The 3rd rope from the left in the cave.]

Movie 2Edit

Hint: Go to the beach.

[Go down to the Red Dungeon and go to the right exit to a portal that warps you to the beach.]

Movie 3Edit

Hint: Wait until he is dead.

[Wait longer until the purple NPC turns into gray color in the looping hallway.]

Movie 4Edit

Hint: Enter the houses by the sequence.

[The first rope from the right leads you to a garden with a stone tablet that writes "T∪T∩∪∩∪∩T" on it. Go to the Arcade Game World and enter the 3 houses by the sequence of their shape.]

Movie 5Edit

Hint: Walk through the sky.

[Go to the Snow World and interact with the portal that leads you to Cube World, go to the right exit and walk between the 2 dots.]

Movie 6Edit

Hint: Go to the elevator.

[Go down to the Red Dungeon and go left, interact the center graffiti on the wall, find a sandstorm NPC that leads you to the elevator, up to the Space Station and go left.]

Movie 7Edit

Hint: Push all the switches.

[Push Green button in the garden, Blue button in the Space Station, Red button in the Building Rooftop. After that go to the garden and interact with the stone which has flowers in front to the big cave, go right to the Monochrome Town, go up the tower.]

Movie 8Edit

Hint: Extinguish the candles.

[Go to the Snow World and interact with the portal that leads you to Cube World, go to the top exit and interact with the portal, rides the purple ball to the Flooded Park, extinguish all the candles inside the hidden places then find the land that has the metal bar.]

Movie 9Edit

Hint: Watch the TV for a little while.

[After you got all 8 movies, go to the Building Rooftop the RGB lines will become a cube, go in and warp to a house that has the metal bar on the roof, enter the house and open the TV and wait for a while, the metal bar will drop from the roof.]

Endings GuideEdit

Normal EndEdit

After you got all the movies, the "???" button will change to "EXIT", select it will lead you to the ending.

True EndEdit

[After you got all the movies and most of the gray things, go to the beach you will see the gray thing which used to float on the sea is on the land, pick it up and walk along the beach until you reach a glitched place, then go up until you reach the dead end and long pressing Shift, go through all the way to the ending.]

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