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Wish / Negaigoto (ねがいごと)
Negai Screen0.02+
Title screen
Latest Version

0.03 (2014/12/11)


Amata (アマタ)




Wolf RPG Editor

Release Date

December 12, 2013


Ken Ken (ケン)

Nexus Doors

1 (to 4 worlds)


(Edges) 15




Negaigoto (ねがいごと) lit. Wish is a Japan-styled fangame made in Wolf RPG Editor by Amata (アマタ), who also created Farewell and Overdrive.


You start off in the protagonist's room, which he cannot leave. As per traditon, you get to explore his dreams by having him fall asleep in his bed.

Once the player leave the dream room, there is only 1 door in the nexus that transports the player into one of 4 worlds randomly chosen each dream session.


You play the role of Ken (ケン), who lives in an old-styled Japanese house with a small Japanese garden instead of a balcony. Ken never wears his shoes in his house, though you can see him put them on when he goes to his garden. He will automatically have them on after he leaves his dream bedroom.

Edges (Effects)Edit

Name Image Description
Raccoon Dog / Tanuki (狸/たぬき) NegaiEff01NegaiEff01a Ken has raccoon dog ears. Pressing Shift has him put a leaf on his head to transform into a Tanuki and increase his speed.
High Collar (ハイカラ) NegaiEff02 Ken wears a high collar shirt, dark brown suit, and a matching hat.
Knife (出刃包丁) NegaiEff03 Ken carries a knife in his hand. It is one of the weapon effects in the game. Ken will be covered in blood after killing any NPC when equipped.
Cook's Apron / Kappogi (割烹着) NegaiEff04 Ken wears a Kappogi. It can be mixed with Knife effect.
White Rat / Daikoku's Rat (大黒鼠) NegaiEff05 Ken becomes a little white rat. It increases his speed and allows him to enter small hole. Pressing Shift makes him jump.
Woman / Female (女) NegaiEff06 Ken becomes a woman and wears a Wafuku. Pressing Shift makes him / her to sit down.
Smoking Pipe (煙管) NegaiEff07 Ken carries a smoking pipe. He smokes the pipe if shift is pressed.
Hourglass (砂時計) NegaiEff08 Ken turns into an hourglass. Pressing Shift spins the hourglass and brings him back to the nexus.
Fleshy Mass (肉塊) NegaiEff09 Ken becomes a fleshy mass.
Chemical (薬品) NegaiEff10 Ken carries a bottle of chemicals. It's another weapon effect which can kill the NPCs by splashing the chemical on them.
Bull's Eye Umbrella / Janome Wagasa (蛇の目) NegaiEff11 Ken carries an unbrella with a Janome / Circled dot texture on the back. Equipping this effect automatically causes a rainstorm, and can be stopped or started by pressing shift.
Wrapping Cloth / Furoshiki (風呂敷) NegaiEff12 Ken wears a Furoshiki. Pressing Shift make him wear the Furoshiki on his head.
Lantern (提灯) NegaiEff13 Ken carries a paper lantern.
Camellia (椿) NegaiEff14 Ken's head turns into a Camellia. Pressing Shift drops his head on the ground but still lets him walk. Pressing Shift again returns his head.
Sakuhachi (尺八) NegaiEff15 Ken carries a Sakuhachi. Pressing Shift make him play the Sakuhachi.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.03 December 12, 2014 Twitter Japanese (zip)
Japanese (exe)
Ver.0.02+ August 14, 2014 Twitter Japanese (zip)
Japanese (exe)
Ver.0.02 August 4, 2014 Twitter
Ver.0.01 March 26, 2014 Twitter
Ver.0.00 December 12, 2013 Twitter

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