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Nightmare Castle
Nightmarecastle title
Nightmare Castle's title screen
Latest Version

Version 3.1.0 (2014/01/01)


Noyemi K




RPG Maker VX Ace

Release Date

November 24, 2013


Nightmareprot2 Ruho, Tatyana

Nexus Doors



Ruho - 8
Tatyana - 3




Nightmare Castle is a fangame produced by Noyemi K, a re-imagining of their previous project Amiha's Nightmare Castle (悪夢城のアミハ). The game uses an 8-color palette and minimalist audio to simulate an early PC-98 game with Yume Nikki-style gameplay. The game contains a variety of different dreamscapes for the player to explore as well as a collectable currency that can be be used to buy effects from a shopkeeper.


The gameplay of Nightmare Castle is similar to most Yume Nikki games, taking place in a dream world with the ability to wake up at anytime where the player must explore various locations, collecting effects that change Ruho's model and give her extra abilities.

Scattered across the worlds are treasures, a collectable currency that can be traded to the exploring shopkeeper Masha in order to gain effects. Nightmare Castle also features an element of randomness to it: upon entering a doorway, players will sometimes be teleported to a different part of the dream world.


Name Image Description
Ruho RuhoFace01 One of the two main character the player can choose from. Ruho herself does not speak and no information is given about her during the course of gameplay.
Tatyana TatyFace01 One of the two main characters that the player can choose from.
Masha Masha The shopkeeper and resident treasure hunter, trading Ruho effects for her collected treasures.



Name Image Description
Cat Form RuhoFace05 Ruho gains the ears and nose of a cat, allowing her to track otherwise hidden treasures.
Office Lady RuhoFace03 Ruho becomes an employee of a Galwi Chaebol.
Solider Uniform RuhoFace02 Ruho wears a soldier's uniform, allowing her to place up to 3 flares on a map to mark her location.
N-8801 MkII3R RuhoFace04 Ruho becomes a cyborg, increasing her speed, allowing her to see otherwise hidden treasures and lets her jump from greater heights.
Kiyo RuhoFace06 Ruho wields a Galwi-style ring pommel sword, allowing her to destroy creatures in the dream world.
Incandescence RuhoFace08 Ruho becomes wreathed in a fiery glow, creating a shimmering effect when used.
Legionnaire RuhoFace07 Ruho combines the iconic Galwi Legion uniform with a sharp crucible steel blade.
(Created through combining the Soldier Uniform and Kiyo effects)
Nurse NightmareCastle Ruho-Nurse Ruho wears the outfit of a caregiver and medicinal specialist.


Name Image Description
Librarian TatyFace02 Tatyana becomes a librarian, allowing her to mute BGM.
Boyarina TatyFace03 Tatanya becoms a member of the old Bromnian gentry with a tall hat.
Succubus TatyFace04 Tatyana becomes a demon with powerful, alluring charm.


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver. 3.0.1

January 1, 2014

Ver. 2.0

December 15, 2013

Pixiv ?
Ver. 1.0

November 24, 2013

Pixiv ?