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Nijuu Yuumu (二重遊夢, にじゅうゆうむ, Double Dream) is a Yume Nikki fan-game produced by 由日 (Yoshibi? Yuuhi? Yui?). Its last version before being cancelled was 0.03. The game has a total of 15 effects to collect and no ending. Generally, this game's imagery sticks to a naive and simple style, which usually portrays the world seen by a child.

Gameplay & PlotEdit

The game features a young girl known as Kizutsuki (きずつき) who explores her dreams. Little is known about her past, but it is implied that she attended elementary school, as some of the game's locations have motifs of school, childish doodles, toys and crayons, poor calligraphy in notes and notebooks and colorful stationery.

Kizutsuki has a skill known as 'Split Personalities' and can only use some effects when a certain personality is on. The name of her split personality is Kitsutsuki (きつつき). The money system in this game is different from most fangames, as you can receive money only by finding it, you never get "paid" for killing NPCs. Nijuu Yumuu also doesn't have any vending machines, instead, you can spend your money by buying plant pots in a flower shop.


Some effects can only be used by a certain personality. Some effects also differ depending on which personality you use.

Name Kizutsuki Kitsutsuki Description
Wings (つばさ) DoubleEff04-1 DoubleEff04-2 When using this effect, Kizutsuki has white wings and Kitsutsuki has black ones.
Reaper (しにがみ) N/A DoubleEff01 Can only be used by one personality. Kitsutsuki wears a black dress and wields a large scythe which she can use as a weapon.
Pencil (えんぴつ) DoubleEff07-1 DoubleEff07-2 Kizutsuki's/Kitsutsuki's head becomes a two-sided orange and blue pencil and a matching curvy line appears on their shirts. Kizutsuki's pencil is 2/3 blue and 1/3 orange, while Kitsutsuki's is 2/3 orange and 1/3 blue.
Sprout (め) DoubleEff14-1 DoubleEff14-2 A sprout raises on Kizutsuki's/Kitsutsuki's head.
Orange (みかん) DoubleEff12-1 DoubleEff12-2 Kizutsuki's/Kitsutsuki's head is replaced by an orange.
Headless/Dullahan (デュラハン) DoubleEff05 DoubleEff05 Kizutsuki's/Kitsutsuki's head is missing. It allows them to pass through smaller doorways.
Negative (ネガ) DoubleEff06-1 DoubleEff06-2 Kizutsuki's/Kitsutsuki's sprite colors are inverted.
Jar (びん) DoubleEff10-1 DoubleEff10-2 Kizutsuki's head is replaced by a jar with clear blue liquid, and Kitsutsuki's is replaced by a jar with opaque orange liquid.
Eyeball (めだま) DoubleEff08 DoubleEff08 Kizutsuki's/Kitsutsuki's head is replaced with a monochrome eyeball, which blinks as you walk.
Hat (ぼうし) DoubleEff09-1 DoubleEff09-2 Kizutsuki/Kitsutsuki wears a black hat with a red ribbon. The actual sprite of this effect is slightly different from how it appears when you bring up the Escape menu. The ponytail sticks out of the hat with both of the personalities using it.
Old Man (おやじ) DoubleEff11-1 DoubleEff11-2 Kizutsuki/Kitsutsuki has short black hair with a bald, making her look like if she has a head of an older man.
Plain White (まっしろ) DoubleEff03 DoubleEff03 Kizutsuki/Kitsutsuki becomes a completely white silhouette of herself.
Paper Bag (かみぶくろ) DoubleEff13-1 DoubleEff13-2 Kizutsuki's/Kitsutsuki's head turns into a paper bag.
School Uniform (せいふく) DoubleEff02 N/A Can only be used by one personality. Kizutsuki wears a pink school uniform. It is presumed that this is the uniform of a school she used to attend.
Floating Head (うきくび) DoubleEff15-1 DoubleEff15-2 Kizutsuki's/Kitsutsuki's neck is missing, so her head floats above her body.

According to ver0.03 Readme file, only the 15 effects listed above are reachable in the game. There are currently two unreachable effects in the game files - Zombie (ゾンビ) and Plug (コンセント).

Gameplay Video (0.0)Edit

Yume Nikki Fangames- 二重遊夢 (DoubleDream)

Yume Nikki Fangames- 二重遊夢 (DoubleDream)

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(Translated by HimeNikki)

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