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nostAlgic is a Yume Nikki fangame created by TOM. It is known for its very light color scheme and for having a generally more optimistic take on a YN-based exploration game. Dubbed "the anti-.flow", the relaxing music and relative lack of more frightening elements, which are present in other fan games, allows the player to focus on the lighter side of dreams. As of the latest version, it has two endings and 13 collectable effects.

Effects to "Try"Edit

For more information on effects and effect locations, please see the walkthrough page for nostAlgic.

There are currently 13 effects in the game. Their actions can be accessed by pressing the SHIFT key.

Effects was called as "Accessories" in ver.0.05.

Name Image Description
Camera (カメラ)
A wears a camera with a strap around their neck. Pressing SHIFT makes A take a photo, to toggle music and movement of background and objects on/off, including chasers. This only lasts for as long as the camera is equipped.
Zero Gravity (無重力)
A floats in the air, having the ability to go over walls that previously barred movement, particularly in the Shooting Star Area where it is found. Once the walls are passed, other effects can be used and the characters can roam outside the original boundaries of the map.
Fruit Knife (フルーツナイフ)
A wields a fruit knife as a weapon, which is used to attack NPCs.
Carnation (カーネーション)
A's head turns into a carnation. Pressing SHIFT causes A to jump, teleporting them back to the nexus within 3 seconds (an action is performed before teleport).
Comet (ホウキ星)
A is riding on a comet which makes their movement faster.

(In ver. 0.06, pressing SHIFT toggles whether A is sitting or standing on it.)

Receiver (受信機)
A's head replaced with a radio receiver. Pressing SHIFT toggles the receiver on/off, receiving a radio signal.
Tree (木)
A's head is replaced with the leaves of a tree.
Ribbon (リボン)
A's hair is tied a side ponytail with a green ribbon.
Fork (フォーク)
A's head turns into a fork tied with a violet ribbon.

(In ver. 0.06, pressing SHIFT causes A to fly and increases their speed, additionally it can be used to kill NPCs by touching them.)

Fry Pan (フライパン)
A holds a frying pan. Can be used to hit certain NPCs and objects to make some sparkling stars.
Unicorn (ユニコーン)
A grows a unicorn's horn, ears and tail.
Pillow & Nightcap (枕とナイトキャップ)
A hugs a pillow and wears a nightcap.
Clock Hand (時計の針)
Many clock arrows are grown from A's body.


A's dreams are rather light and child like, meaning they possibly want to forget why they locked themself in/refuses to go out.

Warning:Spoilers for one of nostAlgic's ending: Highlight to view at your own risk

Once all nine effects have been found, the player is given access to the previously locked white door at the end of the hall. Opening it leads A to an empty white area. Heading north for a while reveals a blue house similar to the one in the area you come to when heading east of the door in the forest area.

Walking into the house you see a woman, who seems to be the same woman as the chasers in A's dreams, at a kitchen table either dead, wounded, or asleep next to a pile of what appear to be fruit shavings or pills with a paring knife (perhaps the same kind from the Fruit Knife effect). She is assumed to be A's mother. The kitchen she is in is barred off, so the player is left either to explore the limited TV room or enter the bedroom. Once entered, you cannot exit. The only interactable items in the room are a picture of a flower, a xlyophone that makes a small sound, and an empty notepad next to some markers. Interacting with the notepad leads to the next scene.

The mother wakes from the table, but the house is now unsettling colors and infested with white worm-like creatures everywhere. The menu cannot be accessed at this time. She carries the paring knife. The only option is to enter the bedroom, which has also become distorted. You are able to kill the large worms squirming around, a shrill scream, a slice and glass breaking being heard.

You'll find A where you left them off -- except they are now a large purple tentacle monster with many eyes that are seeping blood. the room is now very light with bright pastel colours and squares on the floor with the letters A, B and C. The mother still carries the paring knife from earlier, and interacting with the monster from the front will make her kill it. You hear the monster/A's scream and the screen fades.

After a short intermission of "E N D" written on the screen in bright lettering, there is a scene of A laying in the pink sugar sea under two of the straws, paring knife off to the side. Then the screen reverts back to the title screen.

Download / External LinksEdit


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.07 August 9, 2014 Japanese (Minor Fixed)
Ver.0.06 Japanese (Mirror provided by Wavyup)


Version Announcement Download Note
Ver.0.07 Page Chinese Translated by 飛揚寒星 (fcoldstar), approved by tom.

Gameplay Video (Version 0.05++)Edit

Yume Nikki fangames- nostAlgic-006:38

Yume Nikki fangames- nostAlgic-0

Gameplay of nostAlgic (Version 0.05++)

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