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Effect Guide (Kubotsuki)Edit

FF (Fast Forward)Edit

Surreal City -> Go south-east and interact with the bus. -> Go up and enter the double doors. -> Enter the top-right door. -> Enter the door at the end of the hallway. -> Enter the third door. -> Interact with all of the NPCs then try to leave the room. -> Go down the hallway and go through the doors. -> Interact with the tv.


From where you got the Snowglobe effect, go slightly north east and go in between the metal bars -> Make your way through the fancy restaurant -> Interact with the boombox.


Stars and Beds World -> go directly right and interact with the snowglobe.

Effect Guide (Totsutsuki)Edit


Broken World -> Go northeast and under a pink structure. -> In the Cave, interact with the yellow symbol.

Music BoxEdit

Rainy Garden -> Go down and take the south path then when it splits off, take the path going left. -> Enter the door and interact with the book on the floor. -> Walk across the Powerline Path and enter the barn. Interact with the book on the floor. -> Go left and interact with the music box.

Lily of the ValleyEdit

Rainy Garden -> Go down and take the path to your left. -> Interact with the Lily of the Valley at the end of the path.

Event Guide (Kubotsuki)Edit

Kuboa EventEdit

Mess with the light switch in Kubotsuki's Dream Room until the colors change, then interact with the TV and pinch yourself awake.

Event Guide (Totsutsuki)Edit


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