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Overdrive (オーバードライブ)
Overdrive title screen ver0.03
Overdrive ver.0.03's Title Screen
Latest Version

0.03+ (2016/09/01)


Amata (アマタ)





Release Date

September 9, 2015


323543sprite 323, 543

Nexus Doors

323 - 4
543 - 4


323 - 13
543 - 13


323 - 3
543 - 3


Overdrive (オーバードライブ) is a Japanese Yume Nikki Fangame created by Amata (アマタ), who also developed Farewell and Negaigoto (ねがいごと). The creator stated that the game was completed at ver.0.03.


The player starts as a girl named 323, staying in a laboratory-ish room who doesn't want to go out of it. She can travel to a world called Outer World (アウターワールド) by entering the capsule machine in the room. Her purpose is to collect all Concepts in the Outer World. You can save the game by interacting with the personal computer.

There is an unlockable character named 543, a boy that stays in a patient room and doesn't want to go out, after you find the way to meet him in Outer World. He can travel to his dream world by sleeping on the bed. He also collects Concepts in his dream world. The player can save the game by interacting with the notebook on the desk.


  • Arrow Keys - Movement
  • Z, Enter, Space Key - Interact / Select
  • X, Backspace, Insert, 0 (with Num Lock) - Open and Close Menu / Cancel
  • Shift - Concept Special Action
  • Tab Key - Back to the room
  • F12 - Back to title screen


The effects are called Concepts (コンセプト) in this game.

323's ConceptsEdit

Name Image Description
Roller Skates (ローラースケート) OdEff01 323 wears a pair of roller skates. They increase her speed.
Laser Gun (レザーガン) OdEff02 323 carries a laser gun. It allows 323 to kill NPCs.
Maid (メイド) OdEff03aOdEff03b 323 wears a maid dress. Press Shift makes her bring out a broom and start cleaning when she is walking.
Detective (ディテクティブ) OdEff04 323 wears a detective coat. Press Shift makes her look through a magnifying glass.
Spear (スピア) OdEff05 323 carries a spear. It allows 323 to kill NPCs.
Crescent (クレッセント) OdEff06 323 turns into a crescent moon. Press Shift makes her shine.
Saxophone (サックス) OdEff07 323 carries a saxophone. Press Shift makes her play the saxophone.
Heart (ハート) OdEff08 323 turns into a red heart. Press Shift brings her back to the nexus.
Cyber (サイバー) OdEff09 323 wears a cyberpunk dress.
Robot (ロボット) OdEff10 323 turns into a robot that similar to the robot chasers.
Paper (ペーパー) OdEff11 323 turns into a paper sheet.
Robin (ロビン) OdEff12 323 turns into a Robin.
Shadow (シャドウ) OdEff13 323's appearance becomes a black shadow.

543's ConceptsEdit

Name Image Description
Sheath Knife (シースナイフ)
543 has a case fixed knife on his waist. Press SHIFT to have him carry the sheath knife as a weapon.
Pigeon (ピジョン)
543 turns into a pigeon.
Doctor (ドクター)
543 wears a doctor coat. It calms down the chasers.
Virus (ウイルス)
543 turns into a virus. It causes NPCs to avoid him.
Margaret (マーガレット)
543's head turns into a Margaret. Pressing Shift makes him tear a petal from his head and drop it on the ground.
Dustbox (ダストボックス)
543 hides in a rubbish bin. Pressing Shift has him peak his head out of it.
Handgun (ハンドガン)
543 carries a handgun as his weapon.
Helicopter (ヘリコプター)
543 rides a helicopter which increases his speed.
Cardigan (カーディガン)
543 wears a Cardigan.
Skeleton (スケルトン)
543 turns into a skeleton.
Light (ライト)
543's appearance becomes glowing light. Pressing Shift flashes a light on the screen.
Hoop (フープ)
543 carries a hoop. Pressing Shift brings him back to the Nexus.
Clarinet (クラリネット)
543 carries a clarinet. Press Shift to have him play the clarinet.

Download / External LinkEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.03+ September 1, 2016 Twitter Japanese (Zip)
Japanese (Exe)
Ver.0.03 June 18, 2016 Twitter Japanese (Zip)
Japanese (Exe)
Ver.0.02 February 20, 2016 Twitter Japanese (Zip)
Japanese (Exe)
Ver.0.01++ January 24, 2016 Twitter Japanese (Zip)
Japanese (Exe)
Ver.0.01+ January 23, 2016 Twitter Japanese (Zip)
Japanese (Exe)
Ver.0.01 December 31, 2015 Twitter Japanese (Zip)
Japanese (Exe)
Ver.0.00 September 9, 2015 Twitter Japanese (Zip)
Japanese (Exe)