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RPG Maker 2000

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June 11, 2011


ParadeSprites Reika / Iwakutsuki

Nexus Doors

Reika - 4
Iwakutsuki - 2+1(After certain events)


Reika - 26+1 (Ending3 only)
Iwakutsuki - 8+1 (Ending2 only)


Reika - 3
Iwakutsuki - 3


Parade (パレード) is a Yume Nikki fangame made by GIOGIO (祇園) (Pixiv). This game has stopped its distribution to the public being at version 0.07.


At the beginning of the game you are given the option to play as either Reika (れいか) or Iwakutsuki (いわくつき). Both of them share the Yume Nikki "syndrome" - they either refuse to leave their rooms or are stuck inside of them. Trying to open the door just results in a locked door sound. Therefore, the only thing both of them can do is dream.


Whilst Reika is described as a person with Myopia (nearsightedness), Iwakutsuki is described to be a "Madman" (Un matto). When Iwakutsuki pinches herself to wake up from the dream, she has a tear in her eye.

The reason for this game having two protagonists and the relation between them is revealed later in the game and is highly hinted in the endings.


This is a list of effects is partially based on in-game script and charset images found in the game files, therefore errors may occur.


Name Image Description
Segway ParadeEff26 Reika rides a segway. It makes her moving faster. It has no effect action.
Contacts ParadeEff02 Reika takes off her glasses and wears contact lenses. Pressing SHIFT makes her raise one of her arms and rub her eye.
Sunglasses ParadeEff01 Reika wears sunglasses. Pressing SHIFT makes the screen darken for a second and her glasses twinkle. It temporarily lights up dark areas.
Pincushion ParadeEff03 Reika's head is used as a pincushion, as yellow needles or pins are sticking out of it. Pressing SHIFT makes her look up as the needles grow/rise.
Half Mask ParadeEff22 Reika wears a gray half-mask which can be switched to a mirrored version of it by pressing SHIFT.
Dagger ParadeEff20 The weapon effect. Reika wields a Japanese dagger without a brim. She uses it to kill other characters. Pressing Shift causes her to raise it to show the blade's length, while it shines.

The name is possibly derived from Choudosu (長ドス), though its description calls it also an Aikuchi (あいくち).

Writing Sheet / Shitajiki ParadeEff14 Reika turns into a big red shitajiki (a pencilboard / writing sheet). It has no effect action.
Mutilation ParadeEff05 Reika's arms were amputated, leaving two bloody stumps below the shoulders. Her glasses are missing and her eyes are hidden. Pressing SHIFT makes her cry a single tear of blood. Reika moves significantly slower when this effect is equipped.
Colored Glasses ParadeEff24 Reika wears red glasses with orange lenses. Pressing Shift makes the screen flash red for a few seconds. It temporarily lights up dark areas.
Prism ParadeEff09 Reika's head is replaced with a two-colored prism. Pressing SHIFT makes it twinkle.
Gisai ParadeEff23 According to the debug room, Gisai is short for Ritual Priest (儀式の司祭). Pressing Shift causes her to raise her hands and warp back to the Nexus.
Long-Horned Beetle ParadeEff08 Reika gains some visual traits of a black Long-Horned Beetle - black wings with white dots and long black antennae. Pressing SHIFT turns her into the actual bug and allows her to pass through small entrances.
Black Coat ParadeEff13 Reika wears a hoodless black raincoat. She puts her hands in its pockets when SHIFT is pressed and keeps then inside of them until you press Shift once again.
Wastewater ParadeEff17 Reika is completely covered with bright green goo and wears what looks like a metal pipe around herself. Her speed decreases in half. It has no effect action.
Student's Uniform ParadeEff19 Reika wears a male school uniform. Press shift key to make her clap/do some kind of hands gesture.
Intercom ParadeEff06 Reika wears a small one-side headset with a microphone. It has no special action.
Phoenix ParadeEff27 Reika's arms are replaced with blue wings and she has three blue feathers/sticks sticking out of her head. According to the debug room, this phoenix does not make fire. It has no special action.
Conductor ParadeEff18 Reika is dressed in long official (possibly a man's) clothes and holds a conductor's wand. Pressing SHIFT causes her to wave the wand like a conductor, and most NPCs will stop moving.
Pointed Hat ParadeEff04 Reika wears a black witch hat with a white ribbon and a bow. It has no special action. One of her friends weared the same hat as well.

This effect and the NPC who gives it to Reika may be a reference to a character/s from Touhou Project.

Whitewashed ParadeEff07 Reika's skin is completely white. Pressing SHIFT causes it to become pitch black for a split second.
Torpedo ParadeEff10 Reika's torso becomes a violet torpedo. Pressing SHIFT makes her speed boost, after she hides her arms and legs into the torpedo and float above the ground. Press the Shift key again to go back to the normal speed.
Head Light ParadeEff11 Reika wears a headlamp. According to the debug room, this is not a doctor's head mirror. Press SHIFT to brighten up.
Macaron ParadeEff12 Reika puts a pink macaron cookie on her head. Pressing SHIFT makes Reika eat macaron and put it back.
Guanyin / Kannon ParadeEff15 Reika becomes a Guanyin / Kannon statue.
Lotus ParadeEff16 Reika has a lotus growing on her head.
Power Spring ParadeEff25 Reika has a spring on her head, which spins as she walks. According to the debug room, this is not the plant of the same name (Ostrich fern = zenmai).
Black Hat ParadeEff21 Reika wears Iwakutsuki's hat. This effect don't have a description in the game. You need to fulfill some conditions in order to get it. Spoiler warning!


Name Image Description
Tire ParadeEff-4 Iwakutsuki's legs are replaced with a big wheel which increases her speed.
Claw ParadeEff-6 Iwakutsuki's weapon. Press use key to kill NPCs or trigger some events.
Mask ParadeEff-2 Iwakutsuki wears a red mask. It has no effect action.
Dress / One Piece ParadeEff-5 Iwakutsuki wears a pink dress. It has no effect action. You have to equip this effect when you get a new menu type.
Wall ParadeEff-8 Iwakutsuki's face becomes plain white and square like a wall. It has no effect action.
Trysil ParadeEff-7 Iwakutsuki holds a trident-like staff. It has no effect action.
Bagworm ParadeEff-3 Iwakutsuki becomes half-bagworm, so her movement speed is decreased. Pressing Shift makes her lower her head and return to the Nexus.
Police Cap ParadeEff-1 Iwakutsuki wears a policeman's cap.
Glasses ParadeEff-9 Iwakutsuki wears Reika's glasses. This effect has a description, although there is no description on Iwakutsuki's effects.

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Ver. 0.07 Unknown ~ Version 0.07 (Japanese Ver Reupload)

Version 0.07 (English)

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