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Physicality / Physicarity (フィジカリティ)
Title screen of ver.0.07
Latest Version

0.07+ (2016/05/09)


Kei Amamori (雨森軽)





Release Date

May 9, 2013


KatatsukiSprites Katatsuki (かたつき)

Nexus Doors







Physicality (フィジカリティ, Physicarity) is a Yume Nikki Fangame made in WOLF RPG Editor by Kei Amamori (雨森軽) (Pixiv). It stars a boy (?) named Katatsuki (かたつき).

Physicality is a very traditional fangame, so many of its aspects are related to events/locations/themes in the original Yume Nikki. It features bright, childish and colorful themes along with dark, violent and bizarre ones. It also draws much influence from .flow.


You play as Katatsuki, a young boy who shut himself in. In his room there is a bed you can sleep on to enter his dreams. To wake him up from the dream, press 0. The game can be saved at the table in the middle of the room when Katatsuki is awake.

There is also a TV which you can turn on and off, a balcony and some color pencils laying around on the floor. You can sleep in his bed when he's asleep too, it will send you to a large room which is another nexus of sorts that has one-way teleports to various locations.

Katatsuki's dreams feature childishly drawn worlds, cross-shaped map segments, killable NPC's, chasers that send you to sectioned-off locations and some events and wake-up events that are similar to those in Yume Nikki. All of the locations in Physicality lead no more than to two places per world. At the end of each of these brief branches there usually is a route which either ends by the room with the effect or sends you to a wake-up event.


Like most fangames protagonists, Katatsuki refuses to leave his room and prefers to explore his dreams instead of reality.

In version 0.03 of Physicality three endings were added to the game.


Name Image Description
One Eye


PhysEff13 Katatsuki uncovers one of his eyes. Press Shift to make him blink it.


PhysEff07 Katatsuki's hair becomes pale blue, he grows a fish tail and his speed doubles. This effect has no special action.


PhysEff05 Katatsuki holds a thin chisel with a long red handle. It resembles a paper knife and can be used as a weapon to kill most NPC's. This effect has no special action.


PhysEff4 Katatsuki wears a brown suit with a blue tie. Press Shift to make him fix his tie.


PhysEff08 Katatsuki is chewing and blowing out a pink bubblegum. Press Shift causes him to pop the bubble then blow up another one.


PhysEff03 Katatsuki becomes a large clock. Pressing Shift causes the clock's arrows to twist then Katatsuki is warped to the nexus.


PhysEff1 Katatsuki has yellow butterfly wings and antennae. His left upper wing has a red dot on it. Press Shift to turn into a tiny butterfly.


PhysEff2 Katatsuki's face is covered with blood and he has a big green pencil sticking out of his head. This effect has no special action.


PhysEff09 Anpan is a Japanese type of bun filled with red bean paste.


PhysEff11 Katatsuki turns into a star that illuminates dark areas.


PhysEff12 Katatsuki holds a triangle (musical instrument). Press Shift to make him play it.


PhysEff10 Katatsuki turns into a potted ikebana arrangement. This effect has no special action.


PhysEff06 Katatsuki wears a white eyepatch on his right eye. Aside of this, Katatsuki wears yellow clothes and his hair is moved aside to reveal his face. Press Shift to make him cover both of his eyes with his hands. Press Shift again to cancel this action.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.07+ May 9, 2016 Japanese
Ver.0.07 July 26, 2015 Japanese
Ver.0.06 January 12, 2015 Japanese
Ver.0.05+ March 15, 2014 Pixiv Japanese

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