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REalM: Walk Of Soul
REalM's Title Screen
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Overview Edit

REalM: Walk of Soul (or just named "REalM") is a 2D surreal horror game, where you'll need to solve challenging puzzles to access new areas in the open, nightmarish world you're in. The game is set to be released for PS4, PS VIta, PC and Mac. The game is inspired by surreal horror indie game Yume Nikki as well as games from the survival horror genre, like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

You play as Iris, a 17 year old girl who, after a harsh sensation of falling in her dreams, wakes up in her room. Yet, something feels out of place, and she feels the need to get out of house. By doing so, Iris discovers that she has woken in a strange place, isolated, with only one tree, her house, and a house very similar to hers. Inside she finds a being like her, but like a shadow. It tells her to go back to the tree and "find them."

On her way out, Iris sees strange portals hanging from the tree. After touching one, she is transported to a new world, radically different from the one she was in. Iris realizes that to know more about this world, she'll have to find "that" which the shadow was talking about. "That", which may be the key to go back home.


REalM’s style of gameplay resembles both a Sidescroller Platformer and a Surreal Horror Puzzle Game

The objective of the game is to explore the strange world Iris is in and, by solving puzzles and hidden areas, find the things the shadow is asking for.

RealM’s explorable word is huge and vast. It may contain hidden events and character interactions.

Plot Edit

Apparently there’s an implicit story running through REalM’s veins that becomes clearer (or more confusing) the more you advance.

Effects and Items Edit

There’s a number of items and effects in this game. The effects are costumes and transformations with a certain utility.

Effects Edit

Name Image Description Icon
5112190 orig
The power to return to the nexus, no matter how far you are or if you are stuck in trap room.
Iris thorn
It can hide Iris from enemies but it won't let you move nor jump.
Automaton Blade WIP If you are in danger or an obstacle, Iris can unleash the power of the blade to destroy it. But your movement will be slow like an old machine.
Dove WIP Increases movement when you run and how high Iris can jump. But if Iris is hit by something, you will regret about it.


Name Description

Can be found in the drawer at Iris’s house.

Trailers Edit

Trailer - REalM Walk of Soul01:23

Trailer - REalM Walk of Soul

REalM Walk of Soul Trailer 1 July 201501:17

REalM Walk of Soul Trailer 1 July 2015

REalM Walk of Soul Teaser 100:33

REalM Walk of Soul Teaser 1

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