Game Walkthrough Gallery Theories

Harutsuki's effectsEdit

Bus Station / バスていEdit

Enter the Lamppost World. Go south-east and enter the black building to the Classrooms. Go right until you reach the hallway blocked by tables. Enter the door and interact with the corpse. In the Blood Spatter World, go north-east and interact with the bloody bus sign.

Fruit Cake / フルーツケーキEdit

Enter the Fruit World. Go south from the door. Interact with the fruit cake.

Parasite / きせいじゅうEdit

Enter the Flesh World. Go north-west and enter the fleshy building. Go straight up and interact with the red blob.

Glasses / メガネEdit

Enter the Monochrome World. Go left a little bit then go south. Interact with the flashing portal between the two pillars. Keep going right and interacting with the portals at the end of each corridor until you reach a room with glasses on the ground. Interact with the glasses.

Kimono/Furisode / ふりそでEdit

Enter the Monochrome World. Go left until you reach two vertical rows of pillars. Walk inbetween them to be teleported. Walk to the otherside of the room to reach the Red Spider Lily Field. Go south-east and interact with the two floating objects.


Fangame GalleryEdit

Enter the Neon World. Go slightly north-west and enter the building. This'll take you to the Fangame Reference Gallery.

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