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Reverse Dream
Reverse Dream screen ver002
Reverse Dream ver.0.02's title screen
Latest Version

0.02 (2018/7/1)


Monokuro (モノクロ)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

July 10, 2017


GuratsukiSprite Guratsuki (ぐらつき)

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Reverse Dream (逆夢, Gyakku Yume) is a Japanese Fangame created by Monokuro (モノクロ) in RPG Maker 2000.


This is a relatively standard Yume Nikki-esque game. The protagonist Guratsuki (ぐらつき) interacts with his bed to enter the dream world, flipping the image of his bedroom horizontally. Exiting through the door to the right (left in the waking world) will have him enter the nexus.

The main goal of the game is to explore the dream worlds available and collect effects.

Interestingly, each effect is based on a certain way of dying, with each effect having (lit. Death) in its name.


Not much is known about the game's plot. The protagonist Guratsuki seems to have a fascination with death, given the overall theme of his effects.

Effects/ Images (イメージ)Edit

Name Image Description
Burning (焼死) ReverseDreamBurningEff Guratsuki is on fire. Lights up dark places.
Drowning (溺死) ReverseDreamDrowningEff Guratsuki is soaked and pale. Pressing Shift makes water drip off him.
Run Over (轢死) ReverseDreamRunOverEff Guratsuki turns into a blood-stained train wheel, increasing his speed.
Freezing (凍死) ReverseDreamFreezingEff Guratsuki is covered with ice, lowering his speed.
Hanging (縊死) ReverseDreamHangingEff Guratsuki has a noose tied around his neck. Pressing Shift opens a trap door beneath Guratsuki, hanging him and returning him to the Nexus.
Poisoning (毒死) ReverseDreamPoisoningEff Guratsuki carries a needle. Pressing Shift makes Guratsuki inject poison into himself, making the screen darken. Pressing Shift three times makes the screen fade to black, after which Guratsuki wakes up.
Bleeding Out (失血死) ReverseDreamBleedingOutEff Guratsuki carries a boxcutter. Guratsuki will cut into his right arm and make it bleed when you press Shift.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.02 July 1, 2018 Pixiv GetUploader
Ver.0.01 December 26, 2017 Pixiv Deleted
Ver.0.00 July 10, 2017 Pixiv Deleted