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Saigo no Uta (サイゴノウタ)
Ver.La Fine title screen
Latest Version

La Fine (2017/01/23)


Saki-Izuriha (出灰サキ)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

November 1, 2014


KuroyuriandCistechara Kuroyuri (黒百合), Ciste (シスト)

Nexus Doors

Kuroyuri - 4
Ciste - 6


Kuroyuri - 22
Ciste - 20


Kuroyuri - 1
Ciste - 3


Saigo no Uta (サイゴノウタ, lit. The Last Song) is a Japanese Yume Nikki Fangame made by Saki-Izuriha (出灰サキ)(Pixiv) who also developed De I Cide. The author noted that Version La Fine is the final version.


You start as a girl named Kuroyuri (黒百合) who seems to be trapped in a hospital ward which was messed up with lots of blood and she cannot open the door, she can travel to her dream world by sleeping in the bed. Once she sleeps, she will enter room that is similar to her ward, but has a bloody magical circle on the wall. If she interacts with it, it will lead her to the magical circle Nexus that has 4 different color triangles that lead to another worlds.

After you achieved the "Game Over" ending, you will start with Ciste (シスト), a girl who appears in Kuroyuki's dream. Same as Kuroyuki's gamplay, she enters the dream world and collects effects. In the dream room, there's a radio that allows you to listen the game's BGM.


Kuroyuri's EffectsEdit

In Kuroyuri's dream world, the effect names in the menu are mostly German / Deutsch, French / Français or Kanji written in Hiragana, but in the reality world they will change into their normal form.

Name Image Description
Rollstuhl (ろるしゅとぅーる) SaigoEff02 Kuroyuri sits in a wheelchair. Pressing Shift will increase her speed.
Doll (どーる) SaigoEff01 Kuroyuri dresses up like a doll.
Mechanical Ventilator (じんこうこきゅうき) SaigoEff04 Kuroyuri wears a mechanical ventilator.
Todestrieb (とーですとりーぷ) SaigoTodestrieb Nothing happens when you initially equip this effect, however pressing shift repeatedly will make Kuroyuri bleed and turn into a mess of gore, and ended be forced to wake-up.
Amputee (あんぴゅてぃー) SaigoEff07a Kuroyuri's lower half body has been amputated. This effect halves her speed.
Defibrillator (じょさいどうき) SaigoEff06 Kuroyuri moves around with a defibrillator. Pressing Shift brings her back to the Nexus.
Religieuses (るりじゅーず) SaigoEff15 Kuroyuri dresses up as a nun.
Schuluniform (しゅーるうにふぉーむ) SaigoEff17 Kuroyuri wears a school uniform.
Monstre (もんすとる) SaigoEff14 A bloody mouth appears on Kuroyuri's stomach. Pressing Shift makes it shout and causes NPCs to avoid her.
Demi-Squelette (どみすくれっと) SaigoEff18 Kuroyuri becomes a half skeleton. Pressing Shift will make her shake, and will randomly drop her head on the floor.
Michael (ミカエル) KuroEff05 Kuroyuri has a red halo on above her head and her right eye bursts with red flames. Interact with NPCs will cause them be vanished by flame.
Schal (しゃーる) SaigoEff16 Kuroyuri wears a scarf. Pressing Shift makes her feel freezing and start the snow.
ICENE GRACIA (あいしーんぐらしあ) SaigoEff08 Kuroyuri is having an "ICENE GRACIA" cigarette. Pressing Shift makes her blow smoke.
Piano (ぴあの) SaigoPiano Kuroyuri has a monochrome palette. Pressing shift will let you input some numbers and Kuroyuri will play a tune.
Hallucination (ありゅしなすぃおん) SaigoEff12 Kuroyuri's body becomes distorted and bloodstained. Pressing Shift makes some illusion on Kuroyuki's appearance.
Ampel (あんぺる) SaigoEff11 Kuroyuri turns into a stoplight. Pressing Shift changes the light signal to stop or return NPCs' movement.
Blouse (ぶらうす) SaigoBlouse Kuroyuri wears a simple white blouse and a red skirt.
Neon (ねおん) SaigoNeon Kuroyuri's form becomes neon. Moving around will make her change colours. Pressing Shift makes the screen flashing with neon color.
Journal (じゃーなる) SaigoJournal Kuroyuri has a journal on her head. Pressing shift will bring up some options from which you teleport to different locations in the dream world.
Echolocation (はんきょうていい) SaigoEcholocation Kuroyuri has three antennas on her head. Pressing Shift will let you see secret/hidden paths.
Kannibale (かにばーれ) SaigoKannibale1SaigoKannibale2 Kuroyuri looks no different at first, aside from her right eye being red. Pressing Shift will make her eat her arms, then her whole body and be forced to wake-up.
Vocal (ぼーかる) SaigoEff13 Kuroyuri dresses up like a singer. Pressing Shift makes her sing a high pitch sound and break the screen glass.

Ciste's EffectsEdit

In Ciste's dream world, the effect names in the menu are Kanji written in Hiragana, but in the reality world they will change into German / Deutsch or French / Français.

Name Image Description
Bicycle (じてんしゃ)
Ciste has a pair of angel wings and halo that increase her speed. Pressing shift dash her forward.
Violence (ぼうりょく)
Ciste's right eye turns black. Pressing shift allows Ciste to breath a beam from her mouth to kill NPCs.
Journal (にっき)
Ciste has a journal on her head. Pressing shift will bring up some options from which you teleport to different locations in the dream world.
Animal (どうぶつ)
Ciste has animal ears and tail. Pressing shift makes her meow and attract NPCs.
Darkness (やみ)
Ciste's skin becomes shadow. Pressing shift brings her back to the nexus.
Drum (どらむ)
Ciste becomes a drummer. Pressing shift will let you input some numbers and Ciste will play a tune.
Light (ひかり)
Ciste wears an infrared sensor. Pressing shift activate the infrared and allows Ciste to see in the dark.
Clothe (ふく)
Ciste wears a school uniform.
Personality (こせい)
Ciste's appearence is similar to Kuroyuri's "Hallucination" effect: her head splits in two, one of them with multiple eyes.
Infection (かんせん)
Ciste becomes distort. Pressing shift makes some statics.
Water (みず)
Ciste carries an umbrella. Pressing Shift starts the rain.
Storm Glass (てんきかん)
Ciste's head turns into storm glass. It will have some changes depending the weather.
Doll (どーる)
Ciste dresses up like a doll.
Dizziness (めまい)
Ciste's eyes are covered what seems to be a purple shadow. Pressing shift causes her sight to be corrupted for a second.
Gabriel (ガブリエル)
Ciste has a blue halo on above her head and her right eye bursts with blue flames. Pressing shift starts the snow.
Knight (ないと)
Ciste changes into a white or black chess of knight. Pressing shift causes her to move L line like the knight chess.
Blouse (ぶらうす)
Ciste wears a simple white blouse and a black skirt with her hairstyle becomes ponytail.
Wine (わいん)
Ciste carries a bottle of wine and looks drunken. Pressing shift makes her to drink the wine.
Candle (きゃんどる)
Ciste has a fire on her head and brighten the dark places, her head will melt down with time progressed.
Song (うた)
Ciste becomes a mermaid in a fish tank. Pressing shift makes her sing and freezes NPCs' movement.

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Version Date Announcement Download
Ver. La Fine January 23, 2017 Pixiv
Bugfix Notice (2017/3/7)
Ver. DEUCE February 11, 2016 Pixiv Japanese
Ver. 44444444444.444444 November 1, 2014 Pixiv Japanese (Mirror)


Version Announcement Download Note
Ver. La Fine Pixiv
Chinese (Mediafire)
Chinese (Baidu, Password: 8m5z)
Translated by 飛揚寒星 (fcoldstar)
approved by Saki-Izuriha (出灰サキ)


私の鎮魂歌―サイゴノウター実況プレイ① ―【ゆめにっき派生】

私の鎮魂歌―サイゴノウター実況プレイ① ―【ゆめにっき派生】

Ver.DEUCE Let's Play Video (Japanese)