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Samuel Guerrero Verleon
Sam final artwork
2016 artwork of Sam in 2001. (by Megie) Source
Sam chara

A common hispanic name ("His name is God" in hebrew)


22 (2001)
18 (1997)




Black (darker than Harold)




A simple olive shirt below a white vest with a yellow fake fur. He also wears a collar representing a blue cross, hidden in the vest.

Overview Edit

Samuel (usually prefers to be called "Sam") is a major character in Einsamkeit.

Appearance Edit

He's the oldest and tallest character between Harold and Kristen, the two other dreamers (5'9 aka 180 cm). Sam is always described to have a large body, light-black skinned with hairy forearms. He's also sometimes drawn with few facial hair.

Sam was born the 22th July 1979 (estimated age in nowdays: 38), having Cancer as zodiac sign. His nationality is unknown, but has probably something linked with latin america.

He has green eyes, way lighter how it should be realistically, which a bunch of people asks to him about: he don't have really an idea of how he got those.

Personality Edit

Sam's personnality is kinda the opposite of Harold's, despite that they have a good friendship each other. He seems always extrovert, with sometimes a happy-go-lucky attitude around.

He cares a lot about his friends, even if he feels sometimes seperated from them, the person who counted for Sam was his older brother, Cecilio.

Sam experimented relationship, but got bad intentions in return who changed his thoughts. Like Harold, he may also show his anger, except that's he's less patient and passive.

In the beginning of the story, Sam is not a dreamer yet.

His virtue is Chastity, portrayed as an Anise diamond.


He lived with Eden, being orphan, he don't remember his biological parents anymore. (see Relationship)

Relationship Edit

Harold Edit

Sam is usually enthusiastic for Harold, he seems to have a lot of interest towards him by having fun.

Kristen Edit

Kristen was never really fond of him, Sam don't understand why. She never admitted the reasons by fear of offending him.

Family Edit

Sam is orphan, and never saw his parents looked like. He has been "legally" adopted in 1980 by Eden's parents because his father had heavy financial problems after the mother has been missing for no reasons. Source

Trivia Edit

The character Edit

Dexter gilligan (aka sam)-0

Dexter Gilligan from Sanity Not Included (featuring Amanda)

  • Sam's physical appearance is similar of the main character Dexter Gilligan (season 1 to 3) from the Youtube show "Sanity Not Included".
    • In this show, we can also notice Dexter's girlfriend named Amanda, had a color scheme similar of Harold.
  • Unlike his older brother, Sam has two last names instead of one, and an unknown middle name.
  • He's the only dreamer who don't change eyecolor when he goes to the Dream World, being decipted in this post.
  • Sam has been revealed to possibly have HPD , which it might be related of his personality. Source

The symbols Edit

The diamond Edit

  • Diamond PNG6698

    A green diamond in real life, close of Sam's.

    Green diamonds are extremely rare and expensive. Because the color is due of a natural irradiation caused by the sun, which most of them are not fully-colored or have a secondary color (Blue and Yellow as the most notable examples).
    • Blue and Yellow are two colors seen on Sam's current appareance.
  • They can be used for therapies: it harmonize the nervous system and ease the circulation of impulses.

The colour Edit

  • Green is considered as an active, dynamic, but unstable colour.
  • It's the symbolic colour of Venus.
  • Anise is the colour of spiritual healing.
    • It actually refers Sam being a healer.
  • Green is complementary of Red.

The virtue Edit

  • Chastity has multiple meanings but the most common one is having abstinence from any sexual thoughts, some cultures can just refer having sex before marriage. Other meanings can refers abuse, manipulation, violence or hostility in general.
    • Sam is in a platonic relationship with Emma.
  • The Sin who is opposite of Chastity is Lust.

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