Shidonoko (しどのこ)
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Fanart of Shidonoko. Source

Shidonoko = Shido (Buddhist term, roughly "four paths")'s child/girl


Assumed to be young adult/teenager


Assumed to be female








Shidonoko (lit. Shido's child/"Four Realms of a individual/child" ) is the protagonist of Kataribesou (かたりべ荘~淵藪記~) .


Shidonoko looks like a white-gray stick figure with a ponytail, which has a orange hairclip. Because of this, it is hard to know which gender it is, though it is commonly assumed to be female, due to its ponytail and name (-ko suffix is usually used in girls on Japan), as well as two of the symbols (Minawamea and Queen), which are very feminine-like in appearance. Depending on how the sprite she has is intrepeted, she may either be wearing clothes or not, or even be an actual person with a face or not.

She may wildly change appearance by using symbols, which are gained from defeating the bosses from each world. These symbols change her to make an appearance that is similar to the defeated bosses, only with a few changes, gaining each bosses abilities (skills). An extra amount of 4 bonus bosses are scattered on the world, and unlike the other symbols, Shidonoko can set up the appearances and skills at the building. Using the bonus bosses's symbol also changes Shidonoko's name. If the Zafra symbol is used, for example, Shidonoko's name turns into Zafunoko. It is also to note that the Bonus bosses's symbols (aka MH Enhancement) can be used in the room.



In fanart, she's either portrayed as a very curious person, or as a serious battler (Because Kataribesou is one of the only YNFGs that has RPG aesthetics). Sometimes a bit of both.


Note: there's spoilers here. Refrain from reading it until you play through the game fully.


However, due to the endings, it is implied that she is an artificially engineered being, and that the whole game was a training session. Strangely, on the outside world, we see characters which look like the characters of the world, along with a particular one that looks like Shidonoko. The scientist may or may not be Shidonoko's father/mother.

Other Game Appearances and ReferencesEdit

MeRef Shidonoko


A painting of Shidonoko's outfit and the Queen symbol can be found in the fangame reference gallery.

The bonus room. Note the different art style.

Interacting with it has a chance 1 in 64 to enter to a bonus area, that references Shidonoko's room. This is the only painting that references a Yume Nikki fangame that does that. The other two that lead to bonus areas actually are from other games unrelated to Yume Nikki, which are Space Funeral and OFF.

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