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  • Fangame Reference room (v0.10 (Original))
  • Fangame Reference room (v0.15 (Remake))


SickRef Urotsuki
SickRef Sabitsuki
SickRef Alex
SickRef Usotsuki
Urotsuki (うろつき) Sabitsuki (さびつき) Alex Usotsuki (うそつき)
SickRef Aya2
SickRef Aine
SickRef Kazaguruma
Aya (あや) Aine (あいね) Kazaguruma (かざぐるま)
SickRef Jose
SickRef Isokishi
SickRef Yon Goh
SickRef Irotsuki
Jose (ホセ) Isokishi (いそきし) Yon Goh/No. 4 (4号) Irotsuki (いろつき)
SickRef Kamitsuki
SickRef Chie
SickRef Funetsuki
SickRef Cap Boy
Kamitsuki (かみつき) Chie (ちえ) Funetsuki (ふねつき) Cap Boy
SickRef Al Ree
SickRef Nagatsuki
SickRef Toritsuki
SickRef Furatsuki
Al Ree Nagatsuki (ながつき) Toritsuki (とりつき) Furatsuki (ふらつき)
SickRef Mochitsuki
SickRef Gorotsuki
SickRef Kurayami
SickRef Iratsuki
Mochitsuki (もちつき) Gorotsuki (ごろつき) Kurayami (くらやみ) Iratsuki (いらつき)
SickRef Eric
Tsumetogi (つめとぎ) Eric
SickRef Yomika
SickRef Rei
SickRef A
SickRef Utsutsuki
Yomika (よみか) Rei (零) A Utsutsuki (うつつき)
SickRef Shimitsuki
SickRef Yamitsuki
Shimitsuki (しみつき) Yamitsuki (やみつき)

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