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Sity is a Yume Nikki Fangame made in Wolf RPG Editor by Mpiku, the creator of Uotamuosu (ウオタムオス). This game has many elements related with modern cities and earthquake, and also has the characters that can be found in the creator's previous games. Before ver.0.05, the connection between the worlds were more randomized than any fangames.


The game stars Mutsuki (夢付き), a boy who cannot leave his room. He can travel to the dream world by sleeping on the bed. Go out from the dream room there will have 8 roads which only 7 roads can access to several worlds(Note that after you collect all of effects, you can access another road which is blocked before). Your goal is to collect 16 effects in the dream world to achieve the endings. You can save the game by interacting with the desk in Mutsuki's real room.


Name Image Description
Scooter (スクーター) SityEff11 Mutsuki rides a grey scooter and wears a helmet.
Dachshund (ダックス) SityEff02 Mutsuki has dog features similar to Takatsuki's. The main difference between the two of them is Mutsuki having a Dachshund's lop ears.
Folding Umbrella (折り畳み傘) SityEff01 Mutsuki has an open purple umbrella.
Horn (ホルン) SityEff08 Mutsuki carries a horn (musical instrument) and plays it.
Upper Body (上半身) SityEff04 Mutsuki's lower part of the body appears to be missing. Due to that, he walks on his arms instead of his missing legs.
Magnifying Glass (むしめがね) SityEff05 Mutsuki has a magnifying glass.
Portable Gas Stove / Cassette Cooker (カセットコンロ) SityEff12 Mutsuki's head turns into a gas stove which can be lit if Shift is pressed.
Breadcrumbs (パンくず) SityEff10 Mutsuki is carrying a pile of breadcrumbs which spill over as he walks.
Blazer (ブレザー) SityEff06 Mutsuki wears a black blazer over his normal clothes.
Jet Pack (ジェットパック) SityEff13 Mutsuki rides a jetpack.
Glass (ガラス) SityEff07 Mutsuki has shards of glass sticking out of his (bleeding) body.
Saw (のこぎり) SityEff09 Mutsuki wields a saw which he uses as his weapon.
Right Hand (右手) SityEff15 Mutsuki turns into a right hand palm.
Stick Man (棒) SityEff03 Mutsuki turns into a stick man.
Dragon (龍) SityEff14 Mutsuki has horns, a tail, green skin and messy black hair. If Shift is pressed, he turns into a full-size dragon wearing his clothes.


Zinnia (ジニア) SityEff16 Mutsuki carries a bunch of Zinnia.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.05++ January 7, 2017 Japanese
Bugfix Patch
Ver.0.05 December 26, 2016 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.04+ December 22, 2014 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.04 December 21, 2014
Ver.0.03+ February 26, 2014 Japanese
Ver.0.02 July 21, 2013 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.01 June 29, 2013 Pixiv Deleted
Ver.0.00 June 19, 2013 Pixiv Deleted

Gameplay VideoEdit

Sity - Yume Nikki Fangane07:25

Sity - Yume Nikki Fangane

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