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Game Walkthrough Gallery

This is the walktrough page, here you'll find the directions of the effects and menus on the game :)

Also you can see how to get some feats here

Someday v10 world map

Version 10 world map

Scooter Edit

Someday - Scooter effect00:29

Someday - Scooter effect


Wrench Edit

Someday - Wrench Effect00:22

Someday - Wrench Effect

8-bits Edit

Someday - 8-bits effect00:38

Someday - 8-bits effect

Doodle Edit

Someday - Doodle effect00:23

Someday - Doodle effect

TV Edit

Someday - TV Effect00:44

Someday - TV Effect

Scarf Edit

Someday - Scarf Effect00:24

Someday - Scarf Effect

Nerd Edit

Someday - Nerd Effect00:40

Someday - Nerd Effect

Megaphone Edit

Someday - Megaphone Effect01:13

Someday - Megaphone Effect

Healing Aura Edit

Someday - Healing aura Effect01:04

Someday - Healing aura Effect

Fox Edit

Someday - Fox Effect01:43

Someday - Fox Effect

Classic Edit

Someday - Classic Effect01:06

Someday - Classic Effect

Menu typesEdit

There are eight menu types in Someday. They can be changed by checking the window icon (right next to the clock) at the Computer World's task bar. Each menu type has a different saving theme fitting its context, too.

  • Green Dots: Available from the very beginning. This is the default menu.
  • Blue Data: Available from the very beginning.
  • Nice Turquoise: Accomplish ten feats.
  • Clockworker: Get the Clockworker effect at the Clock Tower.
  • 311: Heal the gray Nice Guy at the third floor in the Hospital. This is the same menu that was used in 311, and is the only menu with different sound effects, resembling those of 311 as well.
  • High Contrast: Accomplish twenty feats.
  • Gourmet: Accomplish thirty feats.
  • Rainbow: Find the seven crystals.

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