Here is the daydreams from Somnium from 1-20. If anything is missing, edit/inform us.

Daydream 1: Pink RoomEdit


The area is similar to a house on the inside. You start in a pink bedroom with some pillows laying aside. Going right will show a bathroom that is huge and mostly empty, save for a sink and a bathtub. Going through other door reveals a long hallway with some numbers on it leading to outside the house. The area changes color and music depending on which layer you are in.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Hatstand

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Portrait

3rd layer to 4th layer: Question marks in hallway


1st layer: Apple

Description: Deliciously crispy.

Location: Outside the house. Just go all the way onto the hallway.

2nd layer: Slime

Description: Ewww...

Location: On the bathroom, interact with the sink.

3rd layer: Weird lamp

Description: Drooling tongue on a lamp?

Location: On the bedroom, interact with the lamp located near the doorway to the hallway.

4th layer: Broken mirror

Description: With poison.

Location: On the bathroom, interact with the sink.


  • The writing on the cabinet near the door to the hallway changes according to the layer, forming DEATH on the 4th layer. This may be a reference to Don't Hug Me I'm Scared (Warning: the video is disturbing)
  • The 4th layer memory is a reference to Broken Bottles's protagonist, Dokutsuki.
  • The hallways's numbers change according to layer. They are: 42, 172  (Me's thread number in Uboachan) and 4915 (A discussion)
  • The first portait has Me's dress design.

Daydream 2: Strawberry Red VillageEdit


A happy, cheerful place resembling the Happy-Happy village from Mother 2/Earthbound. Everyone is happy there. However, the more you go, more they turn tired of you... One thing to note is that only one doesn't change.

It is a rather small area, having a uniform shade of red in the first layer. Only the trash cans aren't red. You can talk to the NPCs (Red Villagers) there, which will put their input on things.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Tomato

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Bottom-most Growth with an Eye

3rd layer to 4th layer: Door to house near the Red Loony Villager


1st layer: Teddy bear

Description: Cute pile of fluff.

Location: Just left your starting point.

2nd layer: Flashy light

Description: Guaranteed to cheer you up?

Location: In front of the advertising panel.

3rd layer: Grey Twig

Description: A saaaaaaad twig.

Location: Leftmost, near the starting house.

4th layer: Red Loon

Description: So crazy that became an item. What.

Location: Near the 3rd to 4th layer link.


  • Red Strawberry is a full-on shout-out to Earthbound because the creator was playing it, and at the time the daydream was made, the Happy-Happy village had been reached by said creator.
  • Similarly, the final layer is called Moon Strawberry, a shout-out to Moonside, also from Earthbound.
  • The conversation between the two Red Villagers at bottom left is referencing a thread that discussed, on Uboachan, whenever the fangame board should be its own board or not. Similarly, the number of the thread appears on Daydream 1.
  • On Moon Strawberry, the Top-most Red Villager will ask if he is at .flow.

Daydream 3: Blue TilesEdit


It contains Blue tiles, around with small greek-like pillars and lightposts. A buildind is found, and it leads to the other side. The later layers show more decadence to the place. In the building, only a tall woman is found, serving as receptionist.

There is also an area filled with X's acessible from further south on the starting point but it won't be used until at a later layer.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Broken Pillar

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Lightpost in the XX area

3rd layer to 4th layer: Last Pink Lightpost in the Building


1st layer: Letter

Description: Dear pesky plumbers...

Location: Interact with the Receptionist inside the building.

2nd layer: Light Slime

Description: Yeech...

Location: In the other side, accessible by the building.

3rd layer: Bubblegum

Description: Delicious.

Location: In the other side, accessible by the building.

4th layer: X

Description: Marks the spot.

Location: On the XX area, stepping on the fallen X.


  • The receptionist's color scheme changes according to layer. The 2nd layer's color scheme looks familiar, though...
  • The first memory is a reference to the intro of the Phillips CDI game, Hotel Mario.
  • There is a letter just outside the building in the first layer. Interacting with it will show a picture, along with the following words:
This is a reference to this video in the creator's channel.
  • The fishes shown in the other side, on the 1st layer, are a shout out to Alive Arrow.

Daydream 4: A roofEdit


You start outside a building, in what appears to be a broken balcony with a lamppost. Upon more layers, stairs begin to be built and at the end, it leads to a rather beautiful garden. The inside doesn't change much.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Window in the building

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Lamppost

3rd layer to 4th layer: Leftmost lamppost


1st layer: Mug

Description: Get yourself some coffee.

Location: Inside the building, by a counter.

2nd layer: Broken pipe

Description: And it is half-rusted.

Location: Near the counter.

3rd layer: Mouth
Tumblr m2wf5a3HJO1rts53fo1 500

The concept art, colored.

Description: A nice drawing.

Location: Near the counter.

4th layer: Stone

Description: You didn't make it.

Location: On the garden, at the center.


  • This daydream is one of the few that has a concept art.
  • The 4th layer memory is a reference to a scene in the Super Mario World cartoon, where Luigi shows Mario a stone shaped as a football with Mario saying that he 'didn't make it'.
  • The music played at the garden is also used in the credits.

Daydream 5: Mono BeachEdit


A large, black and white beach. It feels empty. Static plays and there is a mysterious statue.

The water changes color depending on the layer which you are in.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Bucket of paint

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Tail of monster (near Bucket of paint)

3rd layer to 4th layer: Green-haired girl


1st layer: White hand

Description: That comes from the hole.

Location: On the giant statue's shadow.

2nd layer: Black blot

Description: Moving sideways.

Location: Near the giant statue's shadow.

3rd layer: Heart

Description: Keep on beating.

Location: Near the giant statue's shadow.

4th layer: Purple blood

Description: And the water is paint?

Location: On the purple water.


  • This daydream is one of the few that has a concept art.
  • The panorama is not fully viewable. If seen on RPG Maker, the panorama shows a monster.
  • Said panorama, on the last layer, shows the words "Not Expected" in the cliffside.
  • In the same layer, the famed equation E=mc² by Albert Einstein is seen on the statue.

Daydream 6: Amusement ParkEdit


It's a grey-colored street featuring various buildings, along with a road. Things change between layers, until you are able to enter one of the buildings. On later layers, statues of red wax/blood appear, and they become more melted up depending on the layer.

Curiously, you don't play as Thomas in this daydream, but rather, you play as Hattermet (not named in Menu).

Inside the building, which is a museum, you can see a series of paintings being described by Hattermet, until you reach the final memory.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Blood Puddle (head down, then left)

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Melted Statue

3rd layer to 4th layer: Even More Melted Statue


1st layer: Red Balloon

Description: Don't let it escape!

Location: Moving around.

2nd layer: Blue Balloon

Description: It floats.

Location: Moving around.

3rd layer: Popsicle

Description: Delicious.

Location: A cart located at the north.

4th layer: Giant Paintbrush

Description: Use it now, chap!

Location: Inside the museum, right at the ending room.


  • The third painting from the entrance refers to W.T. More exactly, his appearance in Me. To quote the situation:
The infamous picture of a
white somebody.
The picture is quite scary
to see.
I mean, the person does
not have any damn pupils!
  • The second-to-last painting from the entrance refers to Hallucigenia's Marginal Vivid Worker.
  • The last painting  from the entrance describes Eun.
  • One of the paintings in the 4th memory's room references one of Me's parallaxes.

Daydream 7: CakesEdit


In the 1st layer, it features cakes and more cakes against an orange-yellow background, along with pink frosting on

Cakes and more cakes!

the first layer.

At the second one, there are white cutlery, black formations with green symbols (star, heart and eye) and purple and black tiles against a starry background.

The third shows the same starry background against black dead trees and white ground. The only living things shown are black lights that move horizontally.

At the final layer, it shows a huge dark space with some creatures with pink eyes and damaged faces, alongside sponges.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Blood Cake (just up)

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Sun Hole (go straight right ahead)

3rd layer to 4th layer: Bloody Spoon (north, then at the second tree at the right, go left)


1st layer: Rainbow cake

Description: Delicious!

Location: Right onto the "NHOC" written on the ground, then down.

2nd layer: Green line

Description: For stitching, perhaps?

Location: Go right, then turn up, then right, then up and left and interact with the green eye on the ground.

3rd layer: Clown head

Description: Whoa there mister, you might need to slow it down!

Location: Go up, then turn right at the first tree at the right.

4th layer: Pink eye

Description: EEeew...

Location: Go between the bunch of heads at the north of where you locate after teleporting.  Go right, then, on the other area, touch the pink eye right there


  • The red cake and the 3rd layer memory are references to Don't Hug Me I'm Scared (Warning: the video is disturbing)
  • The 2nd layer is a reference to an area in NostAlgic.
  • The map that contains the Pink eye memory is one of the few to not be named.

Daydream 8: The 13th streetEdit



The 4th layer of the daydream.

Thomas starts with a sign at a colorful yet empty and dark street that loops on indefinely. When entering the only door avaliable, there is a long and dark corridor with holes that shows nothing, that leads to a room, which in the first time you enter, shows someone behind you. This room has the same hole that shows nothing alongside two sets of doors that lead to two destinations: The upper roof and Grandma's house.

At Grandma's house, it shows a largely empty house with an old woman believed to be Thomas's grandmother and a room in which Thomas can sleep and trigger the second layer memory.

When going to the other set of doors, it shows to be an elevator that takes to the upper roof. Said roof has some sort of maze that is rather easy to figure. Upon going at the end and exiting, it shows a white-grey desert with stars, no less similar than the moon. Then, after going, the player is presented upon a grey landscape with fallen ladders and some signs.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Doorway

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Door to elevator

3rd layer to 4th layer: Door to outside.


1st layer: Dust

Description: Spring cleaning!

Location: Near the sign.

2nd layer: Grandma's phone

Description: She's dead, Thomas.

Location: Sleep on the bed inside the room. When waking up, go outside. An event will play in which Thomas kills his grandmother.

3rd layer: Pill

Description: Do not eat.

Location: On the maze. at the fork, go at the middle instead of right.

4th layer: Sign

Description: Put that sign down!

Location: Just at the end of the last map.


  • The bgm that plays on the alternate room at Grandma's house (bgm36) contains similar notes to the start of the Cave of the Past from Earthbound.
  • The second layer memory was based upon a story.

Daydream 9: SteamworkEdit


You locate yourself outside a building with pipes. There is a balloon there, but it is unobtainable. Entering inside shows how big the place actually is, with stairs and some rooms, and the numbers outside match the layer number you're in. Eventually, at the end, it shows an hotel/hospital place with a giant TV.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Door and stairs

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Rightmost stairs

3rd layer to 4th layer: Top left stairs


1st layer: Purple Slime

Description: No good deed gets unpunished...

Location: On the stairs from 1st-2nd layer, there is a huge purple blob of mass, talking to it will make it ask you if you can get it out of the stake it is in. Answer yes.

2nd layer: Poster of blue

Description: An old poster depicting a blue cleaning robot.

Location: On the stairs from 2nd-3rd layer, go onto the stairs leading down. On the warehouse, simply go straight ahead and interact with the poster.

3rd layer: Big wheel

Description: The rusted wheel of fate.

Location: On the stairs from 3rd-4th layer, go right and touch the yellow wall. You'll be teleported to an enclosed room with some wheels. Touch the bigger one.

4th layer: The broadcast

Description: What was I watching?

Location: When on the last floor, go onto the gray cubicle, then follow the path. Interact with the Tv and a full screen event will happen. Just press Z/Enter again to receive the memory.


  • The 3rd and the 1st memories are a reference to Hallucigenia.
  • The poster that you get the 2nd layer memory has a familiar face...

Daydream 10: Picnic GardenEdit


The starting place is light and contains an enormous cake, similar to the ones found at the 7th daydream. On said

The roof on the final layer.

place, there are two sets of stairs leading down. The first set leads you to the 1st memory area, and the second one leads to the 2nd layer, which is a grey-colored area. Inside, there is a grey maze-like area that can either lead to the 2nd layer memory or the 3rd layer, which is green and has another maze. At the end, it shows an orange box-like area with various NPCs, one of which can teleport the player to the roof, where everything is upside down.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Second staircase

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Mailbox

3rd layer to 4th layer: Upper left door on the upper-left room


1st layer: Distorted tree

Description: The sort of thing you see while hiking on lsd.

Location: Going at the first set of stairs, then up at the next area. Interact with the weird tree.

2nd layer: Slide

Description: Down the way, all the way!

Location: In the grey maze, go up at the fork. Pass through. On the next area, enter the hole.

3rd layer: Note

Description: A small one.

Location: On the green maze, go down, right two times, then down and interact with the hole.

4th layer: Reverse Pudding

Description: It defies gravity!

Location: Talk to the pink squid (Squijelly). Answer yes. At the roof, interact with the pudding.


  • The 2nd layer's memory is inspired by one of the author's dreams.

Daydream 11: NESEdit


Now, everything is in an 8-bit style. The starting area is green and has mountains, coupled with green Thomas copies. The color changes in the 2nd layer and 3rd layer, along with a quick visit to the underwater, until the final layer, where it shows that the starting area has turned gray.

The Thomas copies speak absurd things, then flash and disappear.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Pink Mountain (right and south)

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Water Puddle

3rd layer to 4th layer: Black hole


1st layer: Thunder


Location: Go into the separate green mountain at southeast. Pass through the Dungeon, and interact with the pyramid. Leave, and a event will play where the pyramid creates an very angry eye and zaps you with lightning, frying you.

2nd layer: Peach

Description: This one is for free.

Location: From the layer object location, go left and up. Interact with said peach.

3rd layer: Black twig

Description: From the sea.

Location: From the layer object location, go down.

4th layer: Green twig

Description: For hope.

Location: On the location where the second layer object (pink mountain) used to be.


  • The 1st layer memory is both a reference to Courage the Cowardly dog and the infamous "I told you about stairs" meme from the webcomic Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

Daydream 12: The forest near Dust cityEdit


Thomas starts in a dark forest with a lamp post nearby and a bunch of hay, which can be slept on. Interacting with

Thomas sleeping in the hay.

the lamp post makes the area redden a little, then go back at the normal. A thing to note is that Thomas has his face totally bandaged. There is also an opening nearby that takes to another part of the forest, which, when going further, takes to the Grass road. Following suit takes to the Dust City, and entering the hole takes to the 2nd layer memory area, which has a figure sitting on a bench that is inaccessible for Thomas.

If you have already been to the 8th daydream, the figure will have a red eye and a blood spot.

In the city, it is seen a bunch of walls with eyes, along with two ladders. Those lead to the inner part of the city, which is mostly empty, save for W.T. There is a hole in one of the walls, which leads to the 4th memory. But it won't open until later.

Going in an opening shows another part of the city, showing W.T again and a door to the Hotel (second-to-last at the right). In said hotel, there are three rooms: the first containing a blue ghost, which needs "help", the second containing a room where Thomas can sleep and the third contains the 3rd layer memory.

In said room, W.T can tell both Thomas and player a seemingly nonsensical story, as well as to show the 3rd layer memory.

On the second room, Thomas can sleep. This will bring up a full-screen, one-time event, which then will go out if you press Z/Enter.

If you do the event up there and help the ghost, the hole outside will be large enough for Thomas to pass.

In the hole, it is shown a dark room that later teleports to a corridor that leads to a door containing the 4th layer memory.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Mushroom (go down and left)

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Passageway

3rd layer to 4th layer: Hole (do two events first)


1st layer: Cloud

Description: Where is the impossible haircut? Or even a hat?

Location: At the maze on the forest. Go left at the first fork instead of down.

2nd layer: Cement

Description: Wait, CeMENT?

Location: On the Grass road, go at the opening and interact with a rock.

3rd layer: Pile of confetti

Description: Uplifting stuff on a creepy city. How fitting.

Location: In the hotel, go at the last door and touch the pile of said confetti.

4th layer: Saw

Description: Why did you have to go there, Thomas?

Location: Do the events to enlarge the hole. Pass through it and the subsequent rooms, then open the giant door. The resulting event is interesting.


  • The 4th layer memory is based upon a disturbing experience that the author once had.
  • The daydream marks, by chronology, W.T's first full appearance.
  • The 2nd layer memory location seems to be a reference to both an area in Me and in The Other Line.

Daydream 13: From inside your computerEdit


It starts on a zoom-out to a chip-like area with tiles which make sound when stepped on and pink hairy monsters

The area contains problems.

walking around (Hairy Fairl), along with several blue and yellow glitched spots and a computer which takes you to the next area: a department store that is filled with the same creatures. Going into a door teleports you to the rooftop, which at the end, shows one of the glitched spots, this one teleporting you to a white cake-like area.

Interacting with the pink monster there takes you to the 4th layer area: A place filled with candles.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Computer

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Glitch

3rd layer to 4th layer: Pink Monster (Hairy Fairl)


1st layer: Book

Description: Books are good to read.

Location: Go right until you hit a glitch, then up.

2nd layer: Plug

Description: Gadgets and TVs.

Location: On the store, surrounded by breakable-by-interacting-glass.

3rd layer: Doll

Description: They've got all wrong. The holes are on the head!

Location: Go south from the 3rd layer object.

4th layer: Red candle

Description: Coloured candles anyone?

Location: Go right onto the magic circle, then right.


  • The 2nd and 3rd layer memories look familiar...
  • The 4th layer's music shares notes with Coloured candles. The memory of this layer also references the music.
  • The Daydream's name references one of Windows's Plus! Themes.

Daydream 14: VirusEdit


The area begins with a landscape with a parallax of something that can only be described as a mess of green, red and blue. Green puddles and red grains share their place with bright-colored intestines. At the northeast, there is a

The snowy road. Note the pinetree.

door leading outside and a head leading to the 1st layer memory further up and right.

At the place that leads outside, there is a bridge and floating eyes that go up. At the end, it teleports to a gray place with a hole leading back down. After some walking, a building is seen, and it is shown to be a laboratory with a T.V. (interacting with it will show some channels that shows stuff). Entering one of the doors shows another part that leads to a snowy road that changes depending on layer. At the end, it teleports to a rather strange place with an interactive intestine, similar to the ones found in the first layer.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Door

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Doorway

3rd layer to 4th layer: Slightly blue Pine tree


1st layer: Virus sample

Description: With this, you can create vaccines.

Location: Interact with the head, and on the blue room, interact with the thing.

2nd layer: Doughnut

Description: Goes well with coffee.

Location: Touch the purple vending machine and accept the doughnut.

3rd layer: Blue cloth

Description: Somebody has been missing...

Location: On the end of the snow road.

4th layer:  Hallucination 1

Description: I don't exactly know what I saw.

Location: Interact with the blue intestine.


  • The last memory layer's parallax was made from a picture of one of the tables at the author's school.
  • The 2nd layer memory and the 2nd layer references Dr. Andonuts and his lab.
  • The channels accessible from the T.V. at the laboratory all reference imageboards (Except for channel 21).
  • The Channel U references Me, Broken Bottles, Umbra, and Hell Diary.
  • The Channel 2 references Urotsuki.
  • Channel 21 changes if you got the Pile of confetti memory. Here is a transcription of it:
Wait, are those....
Holy crap, I didn't know
they had a channel.
One's on the supermarket,
freaking the hell out.
Now the police is involved,
which came crashing through
the door.
I can't believe he said THAT!
Aww... over yet?
Oh well. Back to the searching,
here we come.
  • Additionally, Channel 21 references these strips. Note: NSFW on the first one. Slightly.
  • This daydream is also one of the few that has concept art.

Daydream 15: Night VillageEdit


It starts on a small, deserted street with various colored houses, yards and posts. Entering one of the streets takes you to a dead end where the first memory is located. If the house at the top left is entered, it will teleport Thomas to

Going up.

the 2nd layer (inside the house), in which it has a few rooms and it is fairly straight foward to get to the 2nd layer memory. In the room between the bridge, there is a silhouette of a girl sitting down. At the bridge between this room and the 2nd layer memory location, there is a small square which will play an event in which Thomas will go up and end up at a frozen lake. The pine tree takes to a purple forest, which has a cabin that holds upon the 4th layer memory.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Door (top left house)

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Small box

3rd layer to 4th layer: Pine tree


1st layer: Corpse

Description: Party on!

Location: Go on the path at the front of the middle-left house.

2nd layer: Yogurt

Description: Delicious, especially with fruits.

Location: Pass through the bridge where the 2nd-3rd layer object. There will be a yogurt on the table.

3rd layer: Fish

Description: Here is this smelly fish.

Location: On the frozen lake, top right

4th layer: Scissors

Description: I'm not going to put puns in here.

Location: In the cabin.


  • The silhouette at the frozen lake talks different phrases if you got the broadcast memory, or been to the 10th daydream.
  • There is a letter in the cabin. It reads:
September 23, of the year 2000.
Dear brother,
I am currently sending this letter
to let you know how things are going. First of all, Big sister
graduated at the college at
Science and Technology.
More specifically, she's gonna work with computers.
Everything is very well here.
Hope you write back soon.
Little brother.

Daydream 16: The beachEdit


The area is at the first layer, a beach with a line of stars which take to the next layer. On said layer, there is a maze made of those stars and several chairs on the ground, along with an upside-down star (the 2nd layer memory) that runs around. Interacting with a puddle leads to the next layer, which is full of the same puddles and feature

The Blue Palace.

alongside the layer object, a wall and a blood drop (3rd layer memory).

Touching the wall teleports Thomas to the Blue Palace, which is said, according to a NPC, to be "a wonderful place of your mind, Thomas!". There are two doors on the palace, the lower one leading to the Miscellaneous room, which when Thomas goes up the stairs, it shows a ghost and W.T, which doesn't interact with anything.

The higher one leads to the second part of the Blue Palace (4th layer) that houses Telurio, the 4th layer memory. Passing the path reveals a dark, empty area with a monster.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Trail of stars/Pole

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Puddle/Weird Magenta

3rd layer to 4th layer: Doorway


1st layer: Bucket

Description: Walrus.

Location: In the beach, near the trail of stars.

2nd layer: Star

Description: This one is the hottest available.

Location: Wandering along the star field.

3rd layer: Blood drop

Description: A single droplet.

Location: On the first puddle at the left, go up.

4th layer: Telurio


Location: After passing the path, go up and interact with the monster.


  • The 2nd layer memory alludes to the fact that hot and new stars have a blue color.
  • The Ghost near W.T seems familiar...

Daydream 17: The Hub NexusEdit


You start at outside a tower, which when entered, reveals a Nexus, similar to the one in Yume Nikki, with four doors. Each of the doors unlock themselves depending on which layer you're in. To pass through layers, it is necessary to

The figure.

interact with the fire located near the nexus.

At the first layer, the south door is unlocked and takes you to a breakfast table, filled with food. The memory locates itself at the end, on a plate.

The second layer has three doors and the purple one at the right is unlocked, which leads to a technology-filled place and locates at the room after the end of the muticolor-pod-filled-hallway, the 2nd layer memory.

On the third layer, the pink door at the north is unlocked and teleports to a room with Hattermet on it and a server near a cabinet and a futon. The server takes to the location of the 3rd layer memory, an empty abyss that gives an event.

The fourth layer has the left door unlocked, which grants access to the roof, which features a long blue-haired white figure. Interacting with the figure gives an event and the 4th layer memory.

 Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Red Fire

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Red Fire

3rd layer to 4th layer'''': Red Fire


1st layer: Sugar

Description: Sugar.

Location: On a plate, at the world beyond the green and brown door.

2nd layer: Stone mouse

Description: Part of a project.

Location: At the room after the end of the muticolor-pod-filled-hallway at the world behind the purple door.

3rd layer: It approaches

Description: I am NOT going to quote this.

Location: Interact with the server at the room beyond the pink door and go up. Interact with the blackness.

4th layer: Eye

Description: Me.

Location: On the rooftop, interact with the giant figure.


  • The daydream seems to parody the usual Nexus, which is common on many Yume Nikki fangames.
  • The 1st layer memory references the flash game Sugar, Sugar.
  • The 2nd layer memory is based upon an old concept the creator had.

Daydream 18: TV RoomEdit


It is a simple TV room that changes according to layer. Interacting with the TVs bring up miscellaneous pictures, as well as some silly stuff. The memories bring up crude drawings of characters, along with some voice-overs.


Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Lasagna

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Onion

3rd layer to 4th layer: Wedge of cheese


1st layer: Orange cat

Description: Lasagna!

Location: At the small room at the right. Interact with the TV.

2nd layer: Blue rabbit

Description: You won't understand.

Location: The T.V. near the Lasagna Layer Object

3rd layer: Egg

Description: The snake and the white ferret-cat.

Location: Interact with the Turned-off TV at the 3rd to 4th layer object area.

4th layer: Yellow bird

Description: And sadly, the dog got more popular...

Location: Interact with the very last TV.


  • The second TV in the first layer (from left to right) is referencing this video.
  • The blue forest shown at the TV on the first layer (third, from left to right) has the Forest kanji on it.
  • The last TV in the first layer shows some fine accommodations (references Katawa Shoujo).
  • The memories all reference characters, going respectively, by Garfield (Garfield), Monica (Monica's gang), Madoka (Madoka Magica), and Charlie Brown (Peanuts).
  • The Picture that brings the 3rd layer memory may reference this painting.
  • The 2nd layer memory's event quotes this.

Daydream 19: HolesEdit


Thomas starts on a weird building-like foundation, that either leads up onto the various holes on the ceiling or onto

The monochrome path with its mountains.

a door. Going up teleports you near the 1st memory giver, while going into the door leads to a room which either leads to small gallery by stepping on the light or going into the hole to a maze.

Said maze either leads to a room containing the 3rd layer memory(lower left) or the monochrome path to the library (lower right).

After passing through mountains and climbing the giant's head, the Library is shown, with its various bookcases and being largely empty, save for Thomas's sole presence. If the table of the backroom is interacted with, it will give an event that leads to the receiving of the 4th layer memory.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Hatstand

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Portrait

3rd layer to 4th layer: Question marks in hallway


1st layer: Lotus

Description: They grow from filth and form beautiful flowers.

Location: Go up at the holes from the branch leading up at the start. Then interact with the memory giver at the next area.

2nd layer: Bomb

Description: Traditional cherry flavor.

Location: On the gallery accessible from the room (light source).

3rd layer: Goop

Description: Green goop. Maybe it will make nice soup?

Location: Go on the lower left door at the maze.

4th layer: Suicide

Description: Were you overdrawn?

Location: When at the library, go at the door at the end of the room, touch the table (an event will happen), then go back to see another event and receive the memory.


  • All of the gallery's pictures were actual pictures.
  • The 4th layer memory was based upon a horrifying news story.
  • The reason why the 1st layer memory is named Lotus, despite its effect giver, it is because it may be a reference to a hoax.

Daydream 20: Underwater HouseEdit


It starts with you swimming at a room of the aforementioned house, which is white and has some furniture. Exiting

Thomas swimming in the house.

the house will take you to the second layer, which is a forest with quite the amount of Lavender plants leading to the next layer. Though if a detour is taken, it leads to the 2nd layer memory.

The third layer is shown to be a street with various light posts, and the road eventually forks onto left and right. Going right leads you to the 3rd layer memory location (it has someone playing accordion). If left is gone into instead, it teleports to an amount of stairs that later takes you to the 4th layer memory.

Layer linksEdit

1st layer to 2nd layer: Door

2nd layer to 3rd layer: Passageway

3rd layer to 4th layer: Passageway


1st layer: Soundbox

Description: It's not a washing machine!

Location: From the starting location, go into the left door to reach it.

2nd layer: Magic circle

Description: This place was visibly used by Black Magic People.

Location: Take the first detour from the forest, touch the fire, then go north. The Circle should be there.

3rd layer: Telephone

Description: Don't need quarters, don't need dimes...

Location: At the road fork on the streets, go right instead of left and interact with the telephone.

4th layer: Marble

Description: Gigantic marble.

Location: From the picture, go right all the way, then up.


  • The 1st layer memory references a common joke among the people who played Me, that due to the sheer size and way that it is drawn, that Me's soundbox is a washing machine.
  • The 3rd layer memory's location bgm, bgm 70 contains notes from Me's title theme at the start. The NPC who seems to be playing the tune, Onicome, looks similar to Me.
  • The 3rd layer memory references a part of the lyrics to the song Bananaphone.
  • The daydream's inspiration came from a picture of a house being underwater.
  • This daydream is one of the few that starts with Thomas swimming.

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