Sophia front
Sophia, as seen in the game.
Df protagonist

From latin - "wisdom". It losely refers to her role acquired after events from act II.


Presumably around 19 years old.








Black body paintings.


Sophia is the protagonist of Divinity Fatum and previously Divinity Fatum :Birth:.


Sophia has white hair and yellow eyes. Her body is randomly covered with black body paint .

Divf  Birthsp

Original design and original :Birth: design.


At first, it is hard to describe her personality at all. Second act reveals that Sophia was quite perceptive, smart and perhaps a bit arrogant. She was also kind of a loner, but with ability to merge into society, preventing herself to become a scapegoat. Later on it also turns out that Sophia was quite ambitious, naive and trustful. It is not yet known how events from the past affected her current self.


Sophia has had a complicated, troubled past. In the "Birth" section of Divinity Fatum, the protagonist discovers a multi-storey building, containing many accounts of Sophia's life, seemingly before she gets trapped in the city. These events are as follows:

Cinderella's Entry:

This account tells of her friend, who's real name is not mentioned, that lets herself become a shell of her former self. Sophia watched as she slowly started to blend in with society, letting her spirit erode. She eventually gets fed up and shuts herself out from the rest of the world, which is the reason Sophia makes the comparison of this story to that of Cinderella.

Kaoru's Entry:

Entry tells how Sophia meets Kaoru, a school psychiatrist, and how he strengthens her own views on reality.

Clockwork's Entry:

Diary entry that focuses on a unnamed girl whom Sophia slowly befriends and gains the trust of. Because of this friendship, the girl is able to fight back against her foes when she normally couldn't. Sophia's resolve with this particular girl came from her previous friend, who was written about in Cinderella's entries.

Milene's Entry:

The story of how Sophia meets Milene, a girl who chooses solitude over companionship because of something she calls her "Monstrous side". 

Other Game Appearances and ReferencesEdit


MeRef Sophia

A painting of Sophia's outfit can be found in the fangame reference gallery.

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