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This game was abandoned before its first release.
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Developers Note: Edit

All sprite sheets are being re-done, and some character designs have changed, so this wiki page is under heavy construction until this notice is gone.

-Miku Le Roux

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Overview Edit

Spectrum is a surreal horror game being made in RPG Maker VX Ace. It is an in-progress ex-fangame being created by Miku Le Roux (Tumblr, DeviantART). It stars a girl named Jiko. It started as a fangame idea but has deviated from that since then, but there is inspiration from games such as Yume Nikki, Ib, Life is Strange and The Evil Within. The theme of the dream worlds is distress and pain, and a lot of the maps and NPCs tie into this theme.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is very different from fangames. It more resembles horror RPG's like Ib, with puzzles and a detailed story line. Your objective is to progress through the plot and figure out why she is having these dreams and how she can use them, and to move forward to the ending. The creator has yet to decide if it will have just one ending or multiple endings.

Also, throughout the game you will collect items. If you collect all of that item, you will unlock a secret ending scene and also some bonus features, including a gallery of fan art submitted to the creator for the game!

A lot of the effects will be used to beat puzzles and progress in the game, but some are purely cosmetic but they describe more of the story and personalities of both Jiko and Sentan.

Plot Edit

You play as Jiko, a dorky 20 year old girl who loves dreams. One night, she starts having night terrors, and she can't explain why but they don't seem like they belong to her. She starts losing sleep from it and it makes her insecurities worse. Eventually, she has to use this ability to see into another's dreams to stop something terrible that's happening and figure out what happened.

Effects Edit

The effects in Spectrum are not unlimited in use. Once energy runs out from using an effect, you cannot use it until you gather more energy. These effects are vital to both survival and progressing through the game.

Effect Sprite Face Description
Hatchet It is used to solve puzzles and open doors or other miscellaneous things.
Torn effect-0
Jiko's face is torn away. It renders her undetectable from important NPCs.
Belladonna Jiko is adorned with poisonous nightshade flowers and wears a black dress and no shoes. The scent can ward away certain NPCs, such as the Ake.
Tattered Jiko's clothes are torn and tattered and she is covered in bloody bandages and barbed wire.
Uniform Jiko is wearing her old school uniform. When she interacts with certain NPCs, they call her an accident.
Doll Jiko is a doll with stitched limbs and is covered with screws.


Characters (Real World) Edit

Character Sprite Face Description
Wiki share jiko face
Jiko is a 20 year old girl who loves to paint, draw, and record her dreams. She is insecure but she is also very protective over the people she loves. She lives with her best friend Kyoko. She's the protagonist to Spectrum.
Sentan wiki face-0
Sentan is a 20 year old boy who loves to read and write. He works at a coffee shop/bookstore. He is very quiet and suffers from depression but is extremely kind. He was homeschooled, and he still lives at home with his father.
Kyoko Kyoko is 24 and she is Jiko's best friend. She helps Jiko in a lot of ways, but because she is so successful and beautiful, Jiko feels insignificant next to her. She has her own house, and she shares it with Jiko.

Characters (Dream World) Edit

Effect Get NPCs Sprite Face (If Any) Effect Given Description
Yukue Torn An eyeless girl with growths coming out of her back. She is hidden away in a secret area. She seems to be scared of something.
Koyo (content soon) A girl with a large, red eye wearing a black and red corset with a skirt.
Wire Man Tattered A man curled up on the ground in a blood pool, covered in barbed wire and tattered bloody clothing.
Kijo Doll A little creepy doll that wanders around.
Non-effect NPCs Sprite Face (if any) Description
Ake A headless, pale man who runs through the dream map searching for Jiko. Similar to the Toriningen from Yume Nikki. Wearing Belladonna wards them off.
Varys A tall spider-like man who owns a shop filled with poisons and flowers. One of the rooms in the shop is filled with clothing to try on as well.
Shi Looks like a mannequin that's only half painted. Interacting while wearing the kitten effect causes them to pose differently.
Shadowmen They whisper terrible things to you.
Noki A face covered with vines and roses on top of a stone.
A monochrome girl with a cracked face and wearing a simple dress and a ribbon headband.

External Links Edit

Spectrum's Tumblr blog

Facebook page for Spectrum


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