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TRIAL Title Screen (v0.7.0b)
Latest Version

0.8.0a (2015/08/03)


Nekonoha Yashiro (ネコノハヤシロ)





Release Date

December 19, 2013


SuzutsukiSprite Suzutsuki (すずつき)

Nexus Doors



(Lost Properties) 28




TRIAL is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Nekonoha Yashiro (ネコノハヤシロ) (Blog, Pixiv, Twitter) in Wolf RPG Editor. TRIAL currently has an unusually large number of effects in comparison to most fangames.


Like in most fangames, you start off in the protagonist's room. This time you take the role of Suzutsuki (すずつき), a girl who cannot leave her room, thus is forced to explore her dreams instead of reality. There is currently an easy access to the debug room, from Suzutsuki's real room, by interacting with the NPC.

Like in every traditional game, you goal is to collect effects, which in this game are called Lost Items / Lost Properties (落し物) while dreaming. You need to gather them all in the nexus, like in Yume Nikki. Effects can be dropped there by pressing the D key.


As of ver.0.8.0a, this game has 6 endings, which could be activated by collecting at least 22 effects. The creator stated that will have 8 endings in total.


  • Arrow Keys - Movement (8 directions)
  • Z, Space Bar or Enter - Interact / select
  • X, Esc - Open menu screen / cancel
  • C, Shift - Shortcut key to equip your favorite effect
  • A - Effects' special action
  • S - Unequip effect
  • D - Drop the effect in the nexus

Lost Properties (Effects)Edit

Name Image Description
Digital (デジタル) TrialEff16 Suzutsuki becomes a green outline of herself. Pressing the A key returns you to the nexus.
Rim (リム) TrialEff12 Turns Suzutsuki into a pair of wheels which make her go faster. It has no special action.
Winged/Angel (翼人) TrialEff15 Suzutsuki has blonde hair, blue eyes and white wings. She wears a white outfit. Pressing the A key makes Suzutsuki float above the ground.
Demon (悪魔) TrialEff14 The weapon effect. Suzutsuki has purple hair, wings and outfit. Her skin turns gray. Pressing the A key makes Suzutsuki swing some kind of blade in the air.
Light of Heart (心光) TrialEff13 Suzutsuki holds a red orb in her hands. Pressing the A key lights the orb.
Maihime/Priestess (舞姫) TrialEff18 Suzutsuki wears a fox mask, a shrine maiden/miko's outfit and she has long grey hair tied in a ponytail. The sound she makes while walking is different. Pressing the A key makes her take off the mask a second.
Collar (くびわ) TrialEff07 Suzutsuki has red hair, dog ears and tail. She also wears a red collar with a bell. Pressing the A key makes her bark.
Snow Bunny (ゆきうさぎ) TrialEff05 The snow effect, so equipping it causes it to snow. Suzutsuki turns white, she has leaf ears, red eyes and she wears a purple skirt. It has no special action.
Railway Crossing Gate (遮断機) TrialEff10 Suzutsuki turns into a flat railway crossing signal. Equipping this effect will stop the NPCs movement. The red signals flash red as she walks. It has no special action.
Student's Cap (学生帽) TrialEff11 Suzutsuki has short dark blue hair and she wears an old-fashioned male school uniform with a cap. Equipping this effect will stop the chasers from stalking you. It has no special action.
Injury (怪我) TrialEff08 Suzutsuki an eyepatch, has a plaster cast on her right hand and bandages on her left foot. This effect makes her walk slower. It has no special action.
Box (匣) TrialEff04 Suzutsuki has a square head. Pressing the A key turns her into a brown box and stealth from the chasers. She cannot move in this form.
Sniper Rifle (狙撃銃) TrialEff06 Suzutsuki carries a sniper rifle. Pressing the A key makes her aim with it and lets you choose the part of the screen that you want to shoot at. Press Enter to shoot it and can make a bore on the NPCs for a few second.
Blindness (盲目) TrialEff09 Suzutsuki becomes blind, her eyes are bleeding/have dry blood marks. Pressing the A key makes the area around her darker, pressing it again toggles exactly how badly you see your surroundings.
Skewered (串刺し) TrialEff02 Suzutsuki is impaled on something red that is sticking out of her. It has no special action.
Nine Tails / Kyuubi (九尾) TrialEff03 Suzutsuki turns into a fox goddess. She has blond hair, nine fox tails and fox ears. She wears a green outfit. Pressing the A key makes many large purple arms to appear behind her for a split second.
Torn (ずたずた) TrialEff17 Suzutsuki's clothes are ragged. It has no special action.
Donut/Doughnut (ドーナツ) TrialEff01 Suzutsuki's head has what looks like a chocolate-covered round hole in her head. It has no special action.
Tuning Fork (音叉) TrialEff22 Suzutsuki's head turns into a tuning fork. Pressing the A key makes her knock it to make sound.
One-Armed (隻腕) TrialEff19 Suzutsuki has only a single but big arm. Pressing the A key makes her burn with fire which can melt down the snow around her.
Iron Chain (鉄鎖) TrialEff20 Suzutsuki is tied up by an iron chain. It has no special action.
Headphones (ヘッドホン) TrialEff21 Suzutsuki wears headphones. It has no special action.
Mermaid (人魚) TrialEff23 Suzutsuki becomes a mermaid. Suzutsuki will walk slower on the land and swim faster in the water. It has no special action.
Bath Towel (バスタオル) TrialEff24 Suzutsuki wears a bath towel. Pressing the A key will make the towel slip down a little and Suzutsuki will tidy the towel back.
No Data (ノーデータ) TrialEff25 Suzutsuki becomes a gray and black shadow with horizontal lines. Pressing the A key will make Suzutsuki fade out with static and stealth from the chasers.
Rubber Boot (ながぐつ) TrialEff26 Suzutsuki wears a big yellow rubber rain boot. Pressing the A key will start the rain.
Sailor Suit (セーラー) TrialEff27 Suzutsuki wears a dark sailor suit. Pressing the A key will change the sailor dress outfit.
Dinosaur (恐竜) TrialEff28 Suzutsuki wears a dinosaur costume which make her walk faster in the land and walk slower in the water. Pressing the A key makes her howl.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.8.0a August 3, 2015 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.6.0b June 8, 2014 Pixiv
Ver.0.6.0a June 7, 2014 Pixiv
Ver.0.5.3a May 28, 2014 Pixiv
Ver.0.5.0a May 11, 2014 Pixiv
Ver.0.4.4b May 1, 2014 Pixiv
Ver.0.4.4a April 29, 2014 Pixiv
Ver.0.3.3a March 14, 2014 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.2.0f February 15, 2014 Pixiv
Ver.0.1.7c January 31, 2014 Pixiv
Ver.0.1.1a January 13, 2014 Pixiv