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The Door of thoughts
The Door of thoughts title screen
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RPG Maker 2003

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MichiSprite Michi

Nexus Doors

6 + 1 (effects dropping room)


9 + 1 (Pinch/Wake Up)




The Door of thoughts is another fangame which is an early work of Isasapiens, the creator of Me and Somnium. The game has many references to Yume Nikki, as there is even an effect named Uboa.


You play as a child named Michi, who is stuck in their room as they cannot find a door to leave through. Enter Michi's dreams by sleeping in their bed. To leave the dream, select "Pinch" in the effect menu. You can save the game through the pink computer in Michi's room in the real world.

The game features bits of dialogue when you interact with specific objects, for example, the effect-giving NPCs/objects. Some effects have special actions that can be activated by pressing the 1 key.

In order to reach the ending, collect all 9 effects (+ Pinch) and go to the room in the nexus that has 10 transparent figures. Interact with each one of them once. Wake up and exit through the new door that has appeared in your room. Finally, interact with the tree outside the house to finish the game and see the ending.


At first you know little to nothing about Michi, but as you find new effects, explore, read dialogue and see events, you come to understand some things about Michi.

Highlight to view at your own risk! [During the game, you will find a diary written by someone who killed a girl with a knife. The author of the diary says the only solution for them is to commit suicide. It appears that the diary belongs to Michi, as the only thing you can do after they leave the house, is to hang yourself by the noose on the tree. They refuse to leave the garden through its gate as they think people will not accept them.]


Name Sprite Face Icon Description
Sword DoorThoEff01 MichiFace Michi holds a sword which allows to kill certain NPCs when interact.
Joinks DoorThoEff06 DoorThoFace05 Michi turns into a red ball. Pressing the action button will cause it to jump.
Onryo DoorThoEff04 DoorThoFace03 Michi turns into an onryō (vengeful spirit) with a ghost tail, long black hair that cover all of its face and a blood stain on their chest. It has no special action.
Cloud DoorThoEff03 DoorThoFace02 Michi wears a cone hat in orange and yellow stripes, and rides on a cloud with an orbs-and-rods device behind her. Rain falls while the effect is equipped. Pressing the action button will cause the screen to flash and thunder will roll.
Uboa DoorThoEff02 DoorThoFace01 Michi has a face like an Uboa's and their body is replaced with a black plank-like stick. Pressing the action button will cause the screen to flash.
Fast DoorThoEff07 DoorThoFace06 Michi's speed is doubled. Their hair turns bright red-pink and a boomerang is spinning around one standing strand of their hair. Pressing the action button will cause the screen to shake for a few seconds.
Lampie DoorThoEff05 DoorThoFace04 Michi turns into a purple lamp with hands for legs and a closed third eye on forehead. Pressing the action button makes the third eye open and return to the nexus.
Opposities DoorThoEff09 DoorThoFace08 Michi turns into jester-alike two-tone appearance. Pressing the action button will invert the colors of this effect's sprite for a couple of seconds.
Headless DoorThoEff08 DoorThoFace07 Michi had been beheaded - their head was cut off, leaving them with a bloody neck.


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