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Time Traveler (T+T)
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RPG Maker 2003

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December 27, 2012


TimeChara Mai / Kazuki

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Time (+) Traveler (abbreviated as T+T) used to be a Yume Nikki Fangame made by Commodorette aka Rimururu. It's genre is drama/romance adventure. The game stars Mai, a teenage girl who has lost a very important memory. Now it's no longer a Yume Nikki Fangame.


You play as a young girl named Mai Mizuno. She lives in a shrine.

The game opens with Mai wandering in the rain. She keeps walking in search of something, then she sees a bloody face in a mirror which quickly disappears. After that she sees herself somewhere in a flashback.

When she thought about it and what could it mean, she locked herself up in a room then began some kind of ritual. She somehow gets a way to go back to the past to see where that place is and what it means. While sleeping (using the usual Yume Nikki method) you collect effects and memories.

The game more or less played just like most other traditional fangames until dialogue and plot were added sometime later.


Mai lost an important memory and you find it through her dreams.

As of version 0.02, the game starts in the future, 4 years after the game starts, with Mai being dressed as a shrine maiden (miko). This plot line is quite linear. After going through that mini episode, you gain control of Mai, 4 years ago.


Mai's EffectsEdit

Name Image Description
Ibuki Mask T+TEff13 Mai wears a fox mask to cover up her face.
Spirit T+TEff09 Mai turns into a Japanese spirit (possibly a yuurei) of a woman/girl. She wears a ghost triangle kerchief, a dark grey dress and has long black hair. Pressing shift makes her transparent.
Brown Book T+TEff28 Mai turns into a brown book.
Katana T+TEff07 Mai wields a katana sword with a familiar spirit inside of it.
Blue Book T+TEff10 Mai turns into a blue book.
Princess Coyote T+TEff01 Mai gains coyote ears and wears a pink dress. Pressing Shift returns her to the nexus.
Sailor Dress T+TEff26 Mai wears a summer sailor dress.
Boy T+TEff04 Mai turns into a boy with a girly face.
School Bike T+TEff02 Mai rides a bicycle, doubling her speed.
Winter Clothes T+TEff08 Mai wears a brown coat and a dark scarf.
Fox T+TEff25 Mai gains the tail, ears and eyes of a fox.
Nurse T+TEff03 Mai wears a nurse's uniform and cap.
Umbrella T+TEff24 Mai holds a red Jaopanese umbrella (a wagasa).
Two Colored T+TEff18 Mai becomes two-toned.
Clockhead T+TEff20 Mai has a clock for a head.
Flower T+TEff19 Mai turns into a walking flower.
Hollow Eye T+TEff23 Mai's left eye is missing.
Cup Head T+TEff12 Mai has a cup for a head.
Globe T+TEff15 Mai turns into a walking Earth globe.

Kazuki's EffectsEdit

Name Image Description
Motorbike KazukiEff01 Kazuki rides a motorcycle and wears goggles/glasses.

Download/External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver. 0.02 ~ ~ Download
Ver. 4 March 19, 2016 Tumblr


Omake June 10, 2016 Tumblr Mediafire (Requires password to be unlocked)

Sequel Edit

Note: Time Traveler, originally a Yume Nikki fangame, is now the first game of the Time Traveler game trilogy. So far only the first two games have been released (The first one being T+T, and the second one called Polka), each one with its respective Omake with bonus content (both need a password to be unlocked which you receive at the end of each game).