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Effects guide - Mai (V0.02)Edit

Wait for the cutscene to end to gain control of Mai. Go down the narrow hallway. In the next room, go left and enter the double doors. After the cutscene, you'll have the Photo Album, but you can't access the menu yet. Go right and another cutscene will play out. After that go up the narrow hall to the next room and through the double doors.

Enter the doors south from you. Interact with the object at the top of the room. After the screen fades you gain control of 15 year old Mai. Go north and enter the temple. You can now access the menu, save and enter the dream world by sleeping on the tatami floor. When you enter the dream world, leave the temple and enter the nexus via the green door.

Ibuki MaskEdit

Enter the Kitsune World. Navigate your way north-east and find/interact with the NPC wearing the kitsune mask.


Enter the Mansion. Go south then west and interact with the spirit NPC.


Enter the Sunset Forest. Go north-east and interact with the tree without leaves in the water. In the Snowy Forest, go north from the tree and go between the two lampposts. Interact with the katana.

Blue BookEdit

Enter the Cylinder Forest. There's a random chance you'll be taken to a bluer version of that world. (If you're not taken there, simply wake up and try again). Go right and enter the doorway in the cylinder (avoid the chasers). Interact with the statue.

Princess CoyoteEdit

Enter the Cylinder Forest. Go right and interact with the orb. Interact with the girl on the seat.

Sailor DressEdit

Enter the House. Go right and up the stairs. Enter the top left door. Go up and interact with the dress on the hook.


Enter the Rainy Walkway. Go down then go right and interact with the horned NPC.

School BikeEdit

Enter the Sunset Forest. Follow the path of water around the door to the right then up. Interact with the bike surrounded by three lampposts.

Winter ClothesEdit

Enter the Sunset Forest. Go north-east and interact with the leaf-less tree. In the Snowy-forest, go north-east and enter the house. Go right then up the hallway. Go down to the room full of tables. Make your way to the right and enter the door in the middle of the wall. Go right and up the ladder. Interact with the closet.


Enter the door to the House. There's a random chance that you'll be in the house at night time (if you enter and it's daytime, wake up and keep going back until it's dark). Go right and up the stairs. Enter the top left door. Go up and enter the door on the right to the balcony. Interact with the railing just above the ladder.

After the screen fades, you'll be at the bottom of the ladder. Go down. Go straight right until you're teleported to a long island. Go right and interact with the umbrella. Go up for a short scene and you'll get the effect.