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Tsukumono Yume
Tsukumono Yume ver0.02 Title Screen
Latest Version

0.02+ (2015/3/7)


Humiha (ふみは)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

October 26, 2014


Tukusprite2 Kozuki (こづき) / Amatsuki (雨付き)

Nexus Doors

Kozuki - 8
Amatsuki - 8


Kozuki - 18
Amatsuki - 17


Kozuki - 1
Amatsuki - 5


Tsukumono Yume (つくものゆめ) is a Japanese Yume Nikki Fangame created by Humiha (ふみは), the creator of Yume Kayoi (夢通い) and the cocreator of Yume wa Maeyono (ゆめはまえよの).


Tsukumono Yume is a traditional Yume Nikki fangame. Like many YN fangames, the main objective is to explore the dream world and collect effects.

You start as a girl named Kozuki (こづき), who lives in a small tatami room in which the sliding door is blocked for an unknown reason. You can save the game by interacting with the paper on the desk. She can travel into her dream world by sleeping on her bed.

In ver.0.01, after collecting all 18 effects, you can unlock Amatsuki (雨付き) as a playable character. Like Kozuki, Amatsuki cannot leave his room for unknown reasons. There are several endings you can get with Amatsuki, depending on how many NPCs are killed and whether he sees certain events.


Kozuki's EffectsEdit

Name Image Description
Fox (きつね) TsuKozuEff03TsuKozuEff04 Kozuki wears a fox mask. Pressing Shift transforms her into a fox and her speed increases.
Ofuda (おふだ) TsuKozuEff05 Kozuki has an Ofuda on her head. Pressing Shift makes her appearance fade out and makes the chasers calm down.
Futon (ふとん) TsuKozuEff06 Kozuki's body covered by a Futon and halves her speed. Pressing Shift makes her cover her whole body.
Paper Lantern (ちょうちん) TsuKozuEff07TsuKozuEff07a Kozuki's head turns into paper lantern. Pressing Shift will brighten some dark places.
Monochrome (しろくろ) TsuKozuEff01 Kozuki turns monochromatic. Pressing Shift will make the world change into grayscale color.
Shamisen (しゃみせん) TsuKozuEff08 Kozuki carries a Shamisen. Pressing Shift makes her play the Shamisen.
Chewy (もちもち) TsuKozuEff02 Kozuki's head becomes a chewy Mochi. Pressing Shift makes her tear a piece of her face off and eat it. Her face will grow back automatically.
Cherry Blossom (さくら) TsuKozuEff09 Kozuki wears a pink long dress and her hair turns pink. Pressing Shift makes her spin and return to the Nexus.
Flag (はた) KozuEff11 Kozuki carries red and white flags. Pressing Shift makes her raise the flags to stop or start NPCs movement.
Jelly Fish (くらげ) KozuEff10 Kozuki gains a jellyfish dress. Pressing Shift in the ocean will make her raise some bubbles.
Pinwheel (かざぐるま) KozuEff09 Kozuki carries a pinwheel. Pressing Shift makes Kozuki stick a pinwheel on the ground, the earliest pinwheel will disappear when you stick over 4 pinwheels.
Rabbit (うさぎ) KozuEff12 Kozuki has rabbit ears. Pressing Shift makes her jump and attract rabbits.
Paddy Rice (いね) KozuEff15 Kozuki seems to be made of paddy rice and equipping this effect will make it rain. Pressing Shift makes it rain heavily. 
Bush Warbler (うぐいす) KozuEff13 Kozuki wears a Japanese Bush Warbler hairpin on her hair. Pressing Shift makes her ride a big bush warbler.
Disheveled Hair (ぼさぼさ) KozuEff14 Kozuki's hair becomes disheveled.
Waterwheel (すいしゃ) KozuEff16 Kozuki has a waterwheel on her waist. Pressing Shift makes her spin the waterwheel.
Jizo (じぞう) KozuEff17 Kozuki becomes a Jizo / Ksitigarbha statue and equipping this effect will make it snow. Pressing Shift makes it snow heavily.
Traveler (たびびと) KozuEff18 Kozuki dresses up like a Japanese Traveler.

Amatsuki's EffectsEdit

Name Image Description
Kamaitachi (鎌鼬) AmaEff01 Amatsuki turns into Kamaitachi that increases his speed. Pressing Shift makes him speed up and gives him a scythe, which allows him to kill NPCs.
Stupa (卒塔婆) AmaEff02 Amatsuki carries Wood Stupas on his back. Pressing Shift brings him back to the Nexus.
Oriental Lamp (行燈) AmaEff03 Amatsuki's head turns into an oriental lamp. Pressing Shift lights up the lamp and brightens some dark places.
Harakiri (切腹) AmaEff04 Amatsuki's belly is cut off by a Katana. Pressing Shift makes him bleed on the ground.
Beheaded (斬首) AmaEff05 Amatsuki's head is removed which makes it hard to control his movement.
Fox Mask (狐面) AmaEff06 Amatsuki wears a fox mask. Pressing Shift makes him invisible and lets him sneak past chasers.
Leaves (木の葉) AmaEff07 Amatsuki's body seems to be made by weathered leaves. Pressing Shift makes him become a bunch of leaves on the ground and slows his speed, it can also make him stealth from the chasers.
Hanafuda (花札) AmaEff14 Amatsuki's head turns into Hanafuda. Pressing Shift spins the card to another side and stops most of the NPCs movement.
Fragrant Olive (金木犀) AmaEff09 Amatsuki's body covered by Orange Fragrant Olives. Pressing Shift drops the olives on his body.
Sugar Sculpture (飴細工) AmaEff10 Amatsuki turns into a sugar sculpture. Pressing Shift crumples him into a lump of sugar.
Bush Warbler (鶯) AmaEff11 Amatsuki has a bush warbler sit on his shoulder. Pressing Shift makes it fly to his head.
Sacred Lily (水仙) AmaEff08 Amatsuki's head turns into a sacred lily and makes it snow. Pressing Shift makes it snow heavily.
Billhook (角鉈) AmaEff12 Amatsuki carries a billhook that allows him to kill NPCs. Pressing Shift makes him wave the billhook.
Crow (鴉) AmaEff13 Amatsuki grows a pair of black wings. Pressing Shift makes the wings spread out.
Fire Belly Newt (井守) AmaEff15 Amatsuki's face turns into Japanese Fire Belly Newt. Pressing Shift turns him into a small newt and increases his speed.
Cherry Blossom (桜) AmaEff16 Amatsuki's body covered by cherry blossoms. Pressing Shift drops the cherry blossoms on his body.
Siberian Iris (綾目) AmaEff17 Amatsuki's head turns into Siberian Iris and it starts raining. Pressing Shift makes it rain heavily.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.02+ March 7, 2015 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.02 February 21, 2015 Pixiv Japanese
Bugfix Patch
Ver.0.01 November 28, 2014 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.00 October 26, 2014 Pixiv Japanese