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Effect GuideEdit

Bone NeckEdit

Found in Zipper World by entering the glowing door and interacting with the pebbles on the ground.

Bone LegsEdit

In Color Tile World, keep go north from entrance will find a big patch of tiles in rhombus-shape, from center of this big patch, keep go north till reach a cyan tile, then walk horizontally from either direction, the Bone Legs will be found.

Bone ArmsEdit

In Red Face World, you can find the Bone Arms.


Enter the Foggy Park, walk to south till reach the second tree, then go horizontally to either direction to find it.


Enter the Underwater World, find a transparent object at a short distance to southwest from entrance.


Go to the Hell and find a stairway that leads you to the White Path, go straight through and enter the bus, sitting on the sits will make Eric. sleep, then go out of the bus and enter the building that has lots of ledders, choose the left ledder on the beginning and climb down until you reach a place that has a Spine surrounded by lots of NPCs, you must make a way to get Spine effect by using weapon effect to kill the NPCs.


Enter the Monochrome World, go to the south-east from the door you can find the Ilium in a small maze.

Endings GuideEdit

Normal/Common EndingEdit

Collect all 7 Bones (effects), wake up and exit the (previously closed) door of Eric.'s room.

Secret EndingEdit

Collect all 7 Bones (effects) and 9 sheets of paper (pages). After doing that, wake up and exit the (previously closed) door of Eric.'s room.

Pages GuideEdit

The detailed locations will not be shown, but key words of themes will be given.

  1. Apartment
  2. Ladders
  3. Autumn
  4. Hospital
  5. FC Cave
  6. Clock Tower
  7. Hotel
  8. Forest
  9. Hell

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