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UnRequited ver 002a title
UnRequited's Title Screen
Latest Version

0.0.2 a (2016/08/27)


Nekonoha Yashiro (ネコノハヤシロ)

Original Language



Wolf RPG Editor

Original Date

August 1st, 2015


Natsukisprite Natsuki (なつき)

Nexus Doors



(Scars) 12/18




UnRequited is a Japanese Yume Nikki fangame made by Nekonoha Yashiro (ネコノハヤシロ) (Blog, Pixiv, Twitter) in Wolf RPG Editor.


You star as a girl named Natsuki (なつき), who can't exit her room. She can travel to her dream world by sleeping on her bed. Her goal is to collect all effects, which are called Scars in this game that can be found in several dream worlds.

There is also a mini music game called Limit reflection which can access by interacting the smartphone on the table.


  • Arrow Keys - Movement (8 directions)
  • Z, Space Bar, Enter - Select / Interact
  • X, Esc - Cancel / Menu
  • F - Shortcut key to equip your favorite effect
  • C, Shift - Effects' action
  • A - Shortcut key to unequip your current effect


Name Image Description
Mánagarmr (マーナガルム) UrEff01 Natsuki appears to be a Norse Mythology wolf creature Mánagarmr.
Linear (リニア) UrEff02 Natsuki rides a Meglev transportation that increases her speed. Press Shift boosts the speed for a moment.
Sledgehammer (スレッジハンマー) UrEff03 Natsuki carries a sledgehammer. It allows Natsuki to kill NPCs.
Swallow (つばめ) UrEff10 Natsuki has swallow's appearance. Press Shift brings her back to the Nexus.
Almas Fimbul (アルマスフィンブル) UrEff08 Natsuki's left arm has become a giant ice arm. Press Shift makes her attack and causes an ice trace on the ground.
Arc (アーク) UrEff04 Natsuki's head turns into an Arc Lamp. Press Shift turns on the light and brightens some dark places.
Reindeer (トナカイ) UrEff05 Natsuki appears to be a reindeer. Press Shift makes the places start snowing.
Chat Noir (シャノワール) UrEff09 Natsuki has a pair of cat ears, black hair and wears a Wafuku.
Chat Blanc (シャブラン) UrEff06 Natsuki appears to be a cat girl. Press Shift makes her meow.
Ephemera (エフェメラ) UrEff11 Natsuki appears to be Ephemera. Press Shift makes her appearance become transparent.
Rave de Aether (レーヴドエーテル) UrEff12 Natsuki becomes blonde. Press Shift makes her showing a pair of glowing wings (Aether?) for a moment and then her eyes will open.
Patch Work (パッチワーク) UrEff07 Natsuki's body seems like be patched with puppet doll's parts.

Download / External LinkEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.0.2a August 27, 2016 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.0.1a February 23, 2016 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.0.0b August 2, 2015 Pixiv Japanese

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